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20 thoughts on “Twenty Freaking Seven”

  1. Happy Birthday Ninja!

    27 is still a pup. I’m tunring 40 next year and to me THAT’S still young. It’s all in what you do with the years you have…..

  2. Hey Ninja!! We share the same birthday!!!!!!!!! Except I turned 32 yesterday so that makes your 27 look like a puppy.

    Hope you had a great day!!

  3. Happy birthday Ninja! Guess I’m a bit younger than the other commenters, all I can say is that I hope I’m in as good of a financial position as you by the time I’m 27.

  4. I definitely would not be able to afford the painting above. I just printed it out on my computer, and I am going to send you a printed black and white copy. Happy Birthday.

  5. Lots of similar ages and birthdays- coincidence? I turned 27 on the 4th. My wife will turn 27 next month. And as for that painting: My vocabulary is apparently not large enough yet, since I can’t find a single word to describe it adequately.

  6. Happy birthday, Ninja. I don’t have your address and thus can’t send you any paintings, but if you right-click it you can save a copy for yourself as rMsqF_normal.jpg. I too can’t find a single word to describe this piece of art adequately. Well, maybe I can, but I try to remain polite on this forum.

  7. That painting is hypnotizing – I almost can’t bring myself to look away from it. Also, it would look amazing in my den.

  8. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NINJA!! 27 is in my rearview mirror and getting smaller every day! I’ll be 45 on Aug. 2… I’m old enough to be your mother! I gotta get that painting for our new home… right in the living room… it’s mesmerizing!

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