Im out like a fat kid playing dodge ball

Engagement craziness and holiday break has kept me way too busy to keep up with my blog.

I get back to San Diego on Sunday, so I will be in full force come Monday morning!

Happy New Year ya’ll….see ya in 2010!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Im out like a fat kid playing dodge ball”

  1. If you're too busy with engagement craziness then you're doing the right thing!

    Looking ahead, I would definitely be interested to see posts about your wedding planning. My husband and I were able to keep our wedding costs to $6,000 for a wedding of about 45 people. Some people I've met think that's far too much money, others are amazed that we were able to keep it that low. I'm very interested in seeing how other people plan their weddings, decide how much to spend on certain things, determine the right number of people to invite, etc.

    Good luck with it!

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