Holiday High.

Don’t have a post for you today since I had so much fun yesterday with family I forgot all about this little blog! I hope you had just as much (or more) fun than me ’cause that would be depressing if you had not-fun on Christmas.

Anywhozzle, I’m taking the rest of the week off from work, and while I hope to post everyday, I gotta be honest and say the chances of that happening are no better than the chances were of Kim Kardashians marriage lasting (Low blow?).

It get’s crazy up in hurr around the holidays, especially when you get myself and Girl Ninja playing Xbox Kinect with my family. It was an intense battle, and GN kicked my butt. Embarrassing? I think so.

What’d you get (or give) for Christmas?


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7 thoughts on “Holiday High.”

  1. I got a new toilet!! My mom was hesitant to get it for me when I asked for one, but then I told her isnt it better to get me something I need and will use than to waste money on something that will just collect dust?

  2. I got new clothes and tons (literally tons) of bath and body wash and lotion and crap. I think people are trying to tell me something! Best gift is a gift card to target, just giddy thinking about what i could buy. Seriously people STOP it!! just STOP it with the gift of FOOD!! GAVE away cookies, and candy, and bread, and cookies, and candy…

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