Thursday Poll: The crap hits the fan.

In light of all the government shutdown and furlough talk, I’d thought we’d see just how well PDITF readers are prepared for economic disasters, disturbances to income, and maybe even that zombie apocalypse I’ve heard so much about.

zombie apocalypse

On with the show…

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Thursday Poll: Mini-Poll Marathon!!!!

Instead of one main poll today, I thought we would mix things up and go through a bunch of mini-polls. No better way to find out if we are weird than to see how our preferences compare to the masses. Let’s do this….

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Thursday poll: Financial Freedom

Unless you have millions in the bank, you and I are probably not that different. We are both likely working towards securing financial freedom. I like the term financial freedom because it is vague and totally subjective. For one person it might mean going off the grid, living in a 40sqft shack, and growing your own food. While for another it could mean working a high paying job you don’t necessarily love, so you can retire at 45.

Regardless of what financial freedom looks like, I assume we all want it. And that is why today’s poll is going to focus on the topic. Maybe you are seeking a degree in hopes of earning a higher salary. Maybe you are paying off your debt as fast as you can. Or maybe you recently bought an investment property. Today, I want you to share what your current PRIMARY means of securing financial freedom is.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

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Again, I realize you might be paying down debt, saving for retirement, and seeking out a higher paid job. But which of these things is MOST important to you, or makes you feel the most optimistic about your future?

Three years ago I would have said paying down my debt. Today, my answer is investing in retirement funds.

Anything you would like to see in a Thursday poll?

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Thursday Poll: Get in my belly

Last weeks poll made it pretty clear food is an important part in our financial journey. It is the biggest line item in most PDITFers budgets after housing costs. You could be a family of eight, spending $1,000/month on groceries or a bachelor spending $1,000/month on take out and beer. Food is something we can all relate to as every single one of us has to eat, of course, some more than others 😉

Today, we will be doubling up on the poll action. I know what you’re thinking “Did Christmas come early?!”.


Yes, it did.  

Both polls will be pretty straightforward so no real need for much of an explanation. Let’s get on with it shall we…

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And since we are all a little nosey, let’s breakdown how much food costs you, or your family, each month…

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To be a true team player drop a comment with your answers to the poll and a little insight in to your family situation for perspective (ex: I live with parents or I have to feed my husband and 7 teenage boys).

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Thursday Poll: Largest expense excluding housing?

Unless you live at home with your parents, have paid off your mortgage, or get your housing costs covered by your employer, housing is probably your biggest expense each month. The second biggest expense, however, will vary greatly amongst us depending on what stage of life we are in. Word on the street has it car payments, daycare, and alcohol can be budget busters.

Is that true for you? Let’s see what the poll says…

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Extra credit if you comment with your response and why it is what it is.

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