Ninja Rapping

Oh my gosh!!!! I totally heart rapping. I think if I had to quit being a special agent, I would make the career change to the music industry. I might be the whitest kid in the neighborhood, but don’t let that fool you. I’m a true gangster…a gangster that loves personal finance that is.

As the year comes to a close, I thought it was only appropriate to end on a good note… another PDITF rap. This is now my fourth production. You can find the first one here, the second here, third here, and here is the fourth…

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Ah yeah,
Welcome to Punch Debt In The Face
I done did it again
Finance Rap Two…

You may know me as Ninja, some call me a Debt Hater
I’m fluent in personal finance, a true money translator
I’m a power hungry dude, a financial dictator
Don’t try to argue with me I’m the master debater.

I’m 24 years young and a pretty ambitious guy
My friends think I’m crazy, I don’t really know why.
Gonna leave a couple million for my kids when I die
Gettin’ rich is simple, you should give it a try

Don’t worry ya’ll, I’m not very smart
I’m probably better known, for my 4th grade level art
Making stick figures is how I got my start
But it’s not about talent, it’s all about my heart 🙂

The Roth IRA is where the party be
It’s got some tax advantages for you and for me
Your contributions grow exponentially
Oh, haha, that growth is tax free

Does your employer hook it up with a 401K
If the answer is yes, start putting money away
Don’t wait another minute, start contributing today
So you’ll live a happy life when you’re wrinkly and gray

Don’t be a douche bag, live with in your means
It’s time to grow up, you’re no longer sixteen.
Buy Levis over Luckies, it’s just a pair of jeans
Class is dismissed, now go make yourself some green

Drop me a line and let me know what you think. I’d love any constructive criticism. Anything in particular you would like me to rap about in future editions? Do you love rap, or does it make you wanna vomit?

Maybe I should start a Music Label?

So as I mentioned on my Friday post, I made a Budgets are $exy rap for J. Money. I had so much fun making the rap for his site, I thought it was only appropriate that I made one for mine. So without further ado, I bring to you the Punch Debt In The Face official Rap…

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The lyrics…

Take a minute ya’ll just sit right there and listen
To the finance blog rap that you don’t want to be missin’
Via my spittin’ I shall be reminiscing
About my fight against debt, you know I wont be quittin”

It all began, just five short years ago
When I signed my life away to get a student loan
Two-Fifty benajmins is the amount that I owe
It’s time for this boy to start making cash flow

I got my first job, some call it a career
Doing all I can to make my debt disappear
Learning about money, this was a new frontier
With my love for PF, I’m sure to persevere

It started with contributions to my 401k
Just a couple months later my Roth IRA
Then paying down debt to get rid of Sallie Mae
I be bloggin’ about money every single weekday

Learning about finance is sure to make me grin
My dollar works hard it’s lookin’ for some friends
With Abraham Lincoln and his boy Benjamin
I be breakin’ down debt like that wall in Berlin

Money in the bank (I got stacks)
Bloggin’ everyday (I cut tracks)
Spend less than you make, Save more than you spend
And you’ll be a rich dude straight ballin’ in the end.

I never would have thought rapping could be so much fun. It’s been a blast producing three finance rap songs over the last two weeks, but I think it’s time I retire and stick to blogging.

*I’d like to give a special thanks to my roommate for helping me produce this little gem*

Finance Blog Rap Rebuttal

If you are wondering where this rap came from please see this article over at Budgets are $exy where I had a little rap battle.

Ms. K.S. Katz brought some game so I needed to step it up a bit and produce this gem…

Shout outz to my girl K.S. Katz the CreditGoddess
But listen here closely, out my mouth comes the hotness
Rapping about money seems to be a lengthy process
With my lyrical flow, P.F. is what I address

My first rap discussed the financial trinity
To these three authors I lost my blogging virginity
Keeping up with their three articles is my divinity
Ignoring their advice is pure insanity

A flow about money is what you’re sure to get
Follow these three rules to help evade debt
Spend less than you make, avoid using credit
And you’d be a fool not to save for retirement

The name of the game is personal finance
Making love with money is my favorite kind of romance
My bank account is going to enhance
My flow is sick and probably cannot advance

Round two is over, yes it just went down
The CreditGoddesses’ rap has been pushed to the ground
Unless she’s got it in her to go a third round
I wouldn’t recommend it, my spittin’ is profound