My thoughts on Jesus. Yes, a post about my faith.

I’m coming up on my fifth year of blogging here at Punch Debt In The Face. Over the years I’ve casually referenced my Christian faith. Today, I’m taking a break from personal finance to go a little more in-depth about my beliefs. Even if you don’t share a similar value system, I hope this is still of some interest to you. 

It’s probably important to note that I do not come from a long lineage of Bible Thumping Christians. In fact, no one in my immediate family goes to church. What’s more, my brother is on an Atheist Debate team. Literally. I had no idea such a thing existed, but apparently it does. All this to say, I wasn’t brainwashed in to religion like many non-believers might think. I came to Jesus, on my own accord, sitting on a rock, in the middle-of-nowhere Canada.

My life hasn’t been the same since. He literally has changed me from the inside out.

I was awkwardly shy pre-Jesus.

When I was in first grade I had a super small role in a school play. So small, I only had one line that came about half way through the performance. When my moment to shine came, I was paralyzed by fear. I struggled to get seven simple words out of my mouth. They still haunt me to this day “Sure Honey, don’t mind if I do.”  It was a disaster.

Fast forward eight years later. I’m a freshmen in high school  and I get asked by my TV Broadcasting teacher to be a “co-anchor” for my school’s news show. I felt sick at the very idea of being on camera. I politely declined and asked to work the soundboard instead. I got my wish and avoided the camera. But went home that night and cried on the couch alone. Frustrated that I couldn’t bring myself to do something as simple as read a script in front of a camera.

Almost as soon as I committed my life to Christ, my social anxieties and fears were washed away. My senior year of high school I dressed like a woman and performed a J-Lo song for my entire school (yes, I even taped toilet paper rolls to my booty to have the full J-Lo effect). In college, I spoke in front of thousands of people as I was in charge of the Student Activities Department. Heck just last year, Girl Ninja and I were flown out to Chicago to be on national TV to talk about personal finance.

Needless to say, Christ gave me a confidence I couldn’t find on my own.

How can you believe in something you’ve never seen. 

I’ve never seen or heard God. I’ve also never seen, felt, smelled, heard, or tasted jealousy, but I definitely experienced it when Girl Ninja told me she wasn’t ready to date me because she had feelings for a different guy. Likewise, God doesn’t need to be seen to be experienced. It’s my favorite thing about Him!

I would not spend my time reading a two-thousand year old book, praying to the sky, or investing in high school kids lives, if I hadn’t experienced Christ’s love in a very real way.

But what about science!?

This is where I’m probably different from many fellow believers. It makes no difference to me if God created the earth ten thousand years ago or ten billion years ago. Nor does the Big Bang theory make my blood boil.

You see, I don’t believe science and God are mutually exclusive entities. I love science (I took Physics, Organic Chemistry, and Molecular Biology as electives in college)! I also believe God created everything. Wether that means he made the heavens and earth in six literal days, or used the Big Bang over the course of billions of years to bring us life as we know it, doesn’t change the fact that he was the start of it all.

When you think about it, Atheists and Christians really aren’t all that different. We both believe there was nothingness, and that somehow we came from that nothingness. Pretty cool if you ask me!

But Christians make me want to vomit.

For real though! They can be pretty terrible. Ghandi said “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.” The good news is I don’t worship Christians. They are not my standard for God’s character and they shouldn’t be yours either.

I’m embarrassed that the church has poured millions of dollars in to combating same-sex marriage, when Christian divorce is at a staggering 50%. Hey church, let’s try to fix our own marriages before we go and tell a bunch of other people who they can and can’t marry. Ya know, that whole removing planks from our own eye thing. 

On behalf of all the sucky, abusive, authoritative Christians you have come in to contact with please let me apologize.

I’m sorry.

Don’t let a broken body of people cloud your judgement in regards to the character of Jesus… you know… the guy who often put the religious leaders of his time on blast.

Why make all this in to a blog post? 

A few reasons…

    1. This is a personal blog. If I can write an article about 401ks, why I hate cats, or my wedding, I would hope that one post every five years about my faith is acceptable.
    2. To hopefully show, that while my personal convictions and beliefs may be different from yours, we’re probably not that different.
    3. To have a thoughtful discussion in the comments section. MNSBC has the liberal market, Fox News the conservative. I’m hoping that, since Personal Finance is a relatively neutral topic, you can be open about your feelings here, without feeling like you’ll be attacked

I could seriously keep typing forever. Sharing ways that my faith has impacted my financial decisions. Or how He freed me from a temper that I could not control. Or rant about how frustrated I am by luke-warm Christians. But I have to end somewhere, and I think that somewhere is here.

Simple question today. What do you believe in?