Haven’t gone to bed before 2am yet.

MANteresting is consuming my life. There is so much to do that Jesse pulls all nighters every night (don’t know how that kid does it), and I just stress him out about all the things that need to be done. Haha, it’s a beautiful partnership really.

We are trying to scale the business properly, not go broke, not take on investors or partners, stay productive at our day jobs, but most importantly not piss off our spouses due to gross neglect.

This crappy blog post is the result of the aforementioned. I’m beat.

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12 thoughts on “Haven’t gone to bed before 2am yet.”

  1. I sure can relate to the part about neglecting a spouse to concentrate on a business. I’ve struggled with that over the years. How exactly do you pus a lot of time into a project and still give her the attention she deserves?

  2. No matter what, this is a good life lesson in how to juggle and properly manage responsibilities! Typically something’s gotta give in the crazy times, and given your choices, it’s understandable that this blog is one of those things. It certainly shouldn’t be Girl Ninja!! 🙂

  3. Bad news…my International company of 10,000 employees blocked your website for content. What could possibly be questionable on there? Seem business related to this guy.

    I have suggested it to a few friends though, trying to spread the word. Hope it pays off for you.

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