An Introduction to Environmental Law

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The modernization of our world has led to several significant changes in our environment. While many of the technologies and methods we use to do business or even run our households have proven convenient and necessary, we have seen serious damage to our environment. Poor air quality, unclean water, lack of natural resources, and animal extinction, among other factors, are all signs that we have to do more to care for the environment.

The United States has environmental laws that we should all be aware of if we want to do our part to make the country, and the planet, a better place to live. 

Clean Air Act 

The Clean Air Act was established in 1963 as federal law, and it was designed to monitor national air pollution. The Clean Air Act is one of the first modern environmental regulations in the U.S., and one of the world’s most detailed laws pertaining to air quality. It is administered by the EPA and works in connection with local, tribal, and state governing bodies. 

In 1955, the Air Pollution Control Act was established. It is somewhat of a precursor to the Clean Air Act. The Air Pollution Control Act offered government funds for the research of air pollution. When the Clean Air Act was passed, it provided a federal program from the U.S. Public Health Service to authorize research to control and monitor air pollution. 

Clean Water Act 

The U.S. created the Clean Water Act to govern water pollution. The objective of the law is to both maintain and restore the biological, chemical, and physical integrity of the water in the country. This entails addressing contamination and providing states with funding to improve wastewater treatment. The Clean Water Act is also intended to protect the wetlands of the country. In coordination with state governments, the Clean Water Act works to assist states with dredging and filling — these tasks are carried out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

Migratory Bird Treaty Act 

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act came into effect in 1918 and is a federal law in the United States. It serves to implement the protection of migratory birds, particularly those that travel between the U.S. and Great Britain, which means the law acts on behalf of Canada as well. According to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it is illegal to capture, hunt, kill, pursue, or sell birds that are classified as “migratory.” The Act doesn’t discriminate against dead or live birds and offers total protection to bird parts, such as eggs, nests, and feathers. Currently, more than 800 species of birds are protected under the Act. 

National Forest Management Act 

The National Forest Management Act was put in place in 1976. Its goal is to require the U.S. Forest Service to create objectives for national forests, set guidelines for the sale of timber, and implement policies to monitor the harvesting of wood. These regulations serve the purpose of conserving the forests in the U.S. and preventing irreversible damage from clear-cutting and constant logging. The Forest Service is required by Congress to intently assess, plan, and research for the national forest resource use. The Forest Service must also predict future demand for wood and review the economic and environmental impact of timber harvesting. 

Attorneys and Law Firms that Practice Environmental Law 

There are also lawyers and law firms who specialize in environmental law. These legal professionals are committed to defending individuals and corporations that are working to preserve the environment. Attorneys who specialize in environmental law also hold people accountable when their personal or professional practices can harm the environment. 

Conservation Law Foundation in Portland, Maine, concentrates on cases involving clean air and water, climate change, and keeping the ocean free of contaminants. The foundation also focuses on market strategies, partnering with investors, and community organizations to create clean energy and implement environmentally-friendly practices in communities.  

Cory Briggs, a San Diego attorney, ensures that new and existing communities in Southern California are safe from environmental contaminants. Briggs and his team are well-versed in zoning regulations that permit construction while keeping water and air safe for those who live in the area.  

And Portland, Oregon’s Chenoweth Law Group is also committed to upholding the law as it pertains to the environment. Whether you’re facing environment-related allegations or your property has been affected by pollution, the qualified attorneys at Chenoweth Law Group will review the details of your case and ensure that you’re well represented in court. 

Learning about environmental law can help you make wise decisions for your family and your business. Becoming familiar with these laws also helps you protect yourself from environmental violations, so you can make strides to protect your community. 

Why San Diego’s Comic-Con is So Popular

In the 21st-century, Comic-Con’s rise has been accompanied by a much larger interest in comics and comic-book culture, which has been (in part, at least) prompted by the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Comic-Con event has been operating since 1970 when the organizers began looking to establish a meeting place for their fellow comic book fans. The event has continued to grow over the years, with some reports calling it the most popular globally and the largest in North America each year.

San Diego: The Original and the Best

There are many reasons why San Diego Comic-Con has become so popular over the years, including the fact this is often seen as the original large-scale event in the world. Shel Dorf is usually seen as the mastermind behind the launch of the Comic-Con phenomenon, with the former Chair of the San Diego Comic-Con holding smaller events in Detroit and San Diego. 

San Diego Comic-Con has grown from an event attended by around 300 people in 1970 to a more massive event with more than 130,000 people attending each year.

The Launch of Movies and TV Shows

In the last few years, San Diego Comic-Con has become the site of the launch of many of the world’s most popular TV shows and movies. Some of the largest TV channels and production studios take the opportunity to provide a small glimpse into the shows they are looking to launch. Among the shows that have used San Diego Comic-Con as a launchpad in the last decade are HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “True Blood.” 

Many of the major movie production companies are keen to give a glimpse into their upcoming movies and spinoffs, including Marvel and their cinematic universe.

San Diego is an Excellent Place to Visit

The launch and rise of San Diego Comic-Con have led to many competitors springing up around the country. However, one of the main reasons why the San Diego Comic-Con has remained popular is its location. There is much to see and do in San Diego, and that adds to the reasons why so many people make their way to this version of the event.

San Diego’s major attractions include its world-famous zoo, Lego-Land, and Balboa Park. For military enthusiasts and history buffs, there’s the USS Midway Museum, the Maritime Museum of San Diego, and the Cabrillo National Monument. Lovers of the outdoors can visit any number of breath-taking beaches and beautiful hiking locations. Fitness buffs will find no shortage of gyms in San Diego for their daily workout, and foodies will find no shortage of restaurants to try.

A Range of Exhibitors

There are many established and new comic book artists, writers, and authors who can be found in the events major exhibit hall. This is divided into two distinct areas of the conference center. Artists Alley is a smaller area of exhibitors and is reserved for new artists and authors who are looking to show their skills to as many people as possible.

Alongside the new artists in Artists Alley, there is the main exhibition hall where the established artists and special guests can be found. Without a doubt, San Diego Comic-Con is well-known for the large number of high-quality, established artists who make their way to the event. The main exhibit hall is home to some of the major companies known for backing the event each year, including Lego and Hasbro, who have created many products, especially for San Diego Comic-Con.

New Exhibitors

When San Diego Comic-Con was first established, it was created purely as a way of bringing comic books and news for the future to fans of the genre. As the interests of those attending the San Diego Comic-Con event have changed, so have the exhibitors who are bringing their latest products to the state of California. Among those who are regular exhibitors at the event are video game producers who understand the importance of San Diego Comic-Con to the success of their latest games.

There are many reasons why San Diego Comic-Con has become so popular in the beautiful city in California. The event is vital to the economy of San Diego because the economy sees a boost of over $100 million to the local economy.

3 Things Debt Will Stop You From Doing

The internet is full of articles about debt. Everyone knows that debt is a bad thing. At least, they know it intellectually. It hasn’t really set in as a reality for many people. They know it. But they don’t really KNOW it.

The problem with debt is kind of like the problem with driving under the influence. Everyone knows you shouldn’t do it. But a shocking number of people still do, including people you know well. They have done it before and nothing happened. So they did it again, and again, and… You get the idea. It happens so often without consequence that they became convinced that they are good at it, and are highly unlikely to suffer any real consequences.

So it is with debt. Everyone knows it is bad. But we all have to carry a little debt at some point. And nothing happens. So we try a little more. Nothing happens. Nothing keeps happening until we think we have it under control and no real harm will come of it. But as with impaired driving, the bill always comes due. This is what happens when you don’t take debt seriously enough:

You Can’t Buy a New Car Within Your Budget

No matter what your situation, you will always find some shady dealer willing to get you into one of their back-catalog vehicles. The monthly payment will be way too high. It will have a LoJack-style system on it so that it can be remotely stopped and repossessed when you miss your bill (and you will). And it will be far from new. You really better check the history.

If the dealer does not offer you comprehensive coverage, maintenance is going to be expensive. About all you can do affordably is get some auto body repair in Oregon or whatever is closest to your neck of the woods. Much of that routine sort of work is covered with insurance. Don’t skimp on insurance.

That said, there are always things that insurance doesn’t cover. When that bill comes due, it is often more than what the car is worth. But that is the vehicle your debt-laden credit could get you. In that situation, your best plan of action is to reduce your debt and take public transportation for a while.

Have a Comfortable Retirement

Don’t retire while you still owe money on your house. Social Security is probably not going to handle that $2,500 in mortgage along with other living expenses. It is not that there aren’t any ways to deal with debt in retirement. It is just that none of them allow you to do the thing you really want, which is to retire comfortably.

You want to pay off your house, car, and all other major bills before you decide to discontinue your primary source of income. You will also want to have money put back for possible health emergencies. Most people want to actually do interesting things when they retire such as travel. You will need money for that, too. You can’t have any real freedom in your life without freedom in your finances.

Start a Family with the Best Chance for Success

There is clearly no law against marrying while in debt. However, there is the law of common sense that indicates heavy debt should probably be a dealbreaker. If you are dating a person with a head of house mentality, their personal financial train wreck should deeply inform you of what is in store.

You should insist on a few things before accepting the ring:

  • See that there is a comprehensive and realistic debt-management plan in place. Give it time to make sure it is working.
  • Wait till the credit score is above 700. Below that, and things get a lot more expensive with worse terms.
  • Insist on a period of time to see if the person really will stay within their means. A debt problem might hide bigger problems that can’t be easily resolved.

You can live with debt. But you cannot live well. There will always be an asterisk beside everything you do. When debt is in control, you cannot buy a new car on good terms. You cannot retire with confidence. And you cannot start a family with the best chance for success. Tackle debt first, and all these roadblocks mostly disappear.

Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Borrowing Money

When you have dreams of paying down debt, borrowing money isn’t ideal, but sometimes, it’s a necessary step in taking control of your finances. Taking out a loan can help you tackle an unexpected emergency expense like a boss, even if you don’t have the cash on hand to pay for it on your own.

Borrowing money may be a fitting solution to your financial problem, but only if you avoid these mistakes. Make sure you aren’t committing these heinous financial faux-pas before, during, or after taking out a loan.

Mistake #1: Searching without Knowing Your Credit Score

When was the last time you checked this score? If you can’t remember, it’s time for a refresh. Use one of your three annual credit checks available for free here.

Knowing this three-digit number gives you a better understanding of the kinds of lenders, rates, and terms you can qualify for, so you can avoid those that you won’t be able to get.

Mistake #2: Applying for the First Loan Your Find

If your credit check shows you have a low score, it can play tricks with your head. It’s easy to think that you can’t or won’t get approved for a loan, so you might jump on the first payday lender willing to give you the time of day.

As you can see from this helpful resource page, payday lenders make it easy to borrow money online, but they come with quick repayment terms and high rates.

Just like their name suggests, you have to pay back every penny by your payday. This commitment may be challenging if you have other bills to pay in the same time period, so you should only ever use this option when you’re certain you can afford it.

Taking the time to shop around for other options helps you avoid locking into a payday loan you can’t afford. If your credit isn’t perfect, direct lender installment loans for bad credit may be a more manageable alternative, as you’ll have several weeks or months to repay what you owe.

Mistake #3: Borrowing without a Budget

A new study shows 80% of the country uses a household budget, so there’s no excuse for this next mistake. If you have a budget, see how your repayment bills fit into this spending plan.

And if you’re one of the 20% who doesn’t have a budget, no judgements here, but this is a sign you should make one. When you do, you’re looking to see that you can make your repayments on top of your usual bills.

You might have to slash some unnecessary spending during the terms of your installment loan. That’s fine — you can safely chop away to your heart’s content as long as you stick to discretionary spending.

However, if you need to put off essential purchases to afford your repayments, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. If you can’t make a payment without paying another bill late, the installment loan in question isn’t an affordable option.

Bottom Line

Every mistake has a lesson. But when it comes to money, it’s best if you don’t learn them from first-hand experience. Making these financial faux-pas may come with a steep price tag, so avoiding them before you make them could save you some cash.

Keep this in mind the next time an emergency makes it necessary to take out a loan. It could help you borrow better.

8 Reasons Why You Should Become an Expat

Dropping everything and moving to an unknown country can be a daunting experience, and understandably isn’t for everyone. Not only are you moving away from the safety of your stable job and home, but it can be scary to experience the culture shock of another country.

However, all of this aside, it certainly can be a great adventure and has many unique benefits! In this article, we are going to look at eight different reasons why you should become an expat. Let’s get right into it!

Job opportunities

One of the main reasons why most people decide to move abroad is because of the incredible job opportunities that you may find. Sometimes, we may feel stuck in our current career, and there isn’t much room for growth in our town or destination. However, by completely changing your surroundings, you would be amazed at what may come your way. You can even consider starting up something yourself, with these small business ideas for expats. What’s more, if you are already an avid traveler and love all things international, moving and working abroad can open up a variety of exciting new careers options like international aid worker, foreign correspondent, and on the list goes. There are so many possible routes that you can go down; you just have to dream a little!

Gain independence 

Sometimes when we stay close to home, we are limiting ourselves to a certain extent. We get comfortable and often rely on others to do things for us. However, moving abroad can allow you to gain independence and start taking charge of your own life. Whether you are moving to the USA, Australia, Iceland, or France, you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. For some, it can be a real life-changing experience. 

Cheaper living costs

If you are looking to cut down on living costs, then becoming an expat and moving abroad can be a great decision. Some countries have a tremendous overall cost of living, which is why so many individuals choose to retire overseas. From more affordable healthcare to cheap housing and electricity, you can afford to splurge more on other areas, rather than paying bills. As of 2020, currently, the cheapest places to live include Peru, Bolivia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. 

Travel opportunities 

If you live in a faraway place that makes it expensive to travel, moving abroad can make vacationing a lot more exciting! For example, taking yourself into the heart of Europe means that you can easily travel around various locations and enjoy everything that there is to offer at a much more affordable price. Cheaper travel? What’s better than that!

Learn a new language

Picking up a new language can be difficult, especially if you haven’t been learning since you were a child. However, one of the best ways to learn a new language is to live in the native country, of course! You’ll be speaking like a local in no time and be able to add on a very cool addition to your resume. Check out these other reasons why learning a second language is so beneficial!

Explore a different culture

The world is full of incredible cultures that are simply amazing to witness, so if you are looking to immerse yourself in a completely different world, moving abroad can be the perfect way to do just that. From festivals, traditions, and rich history, there is always something to learn about. You can learn to tango in Argentina, dress in a Kimono in Japan, and even enjoy native bush foods in Australia. The options are endless!

Make new friends

Moving to another country can be the perfect way to make new friends, as you begin to get out of your shell and open yourself up to others. Whether it be other expats that share the same experiences as you or locals that have helped you along your way. These friends will stay with you for life and become a very important part of your new journey. Who knows, you might even form a wonderful relationship too! The world is your oyster, and you just have to find the pearls!

Start fresh

Lastly, one of the best advantages and a reason why you should become an expat, is that you get the opportunity to start fresh. If something in your current location is getting you down, you can move to an entirely new world and start becoming who you truly are inside.

It’s almost a way to press the reset button and learn more about yourself that you never thought was possible. From a new job, relationship, family, and friends, the choice is up to you. You will be amazed at what you can discover!

By reading through the eight reasons above, it certainly is easy to see why so many people do choose to move abroad! New adventures and more affordable luxuries certainly are intriguing! What do you think? Would you drop everything and move to a new country?

How to deal with debt in retirement

The day you retire is the day you walk out of where you work for the last time and say to yourself “job done” – the smile on your face will barely fit through the door! All you have to do now is find a way to spend your time that involves only doing the things that you want to do all day. Should be simple enough. Perhaps you’ll start by learning to bake bread. Maybe after that you’ll get down to some serious reading. Then, the garden might need some work. But there could be something you’re avoiding – debt. 

First of all, if you are a veteran, you could already be entitled to support that you are not yet claiming. Depending on your circumstances, the level of support that you could reasonably expect to receive could vary – find out the current VA disability rates. Now, let’s take a closer look at how you could deal with debt in retirement, so that you can work towards finally closing the book on monthly payments. 

Prioritise your outgoings 

Some bills prioritise themselves, because without them, you wouldn’t have anywhere to live. This would include mortgage payments or rent payments (and any arrears), as well as energy bills, for example. But they are unlikely to be the reason you’re in debt. The reason for your debt is likely to be credit card bills and bank loans. By going through the various terms of your agreements and by noting down the interest rates, you can begin to formulate a list starting with the highest interest rates and progressing steadily to the lowest interest rates. 

The aim is to continue to pay the minimum monthly repayment on the lowest interest rates, and pay more towards the higher interest rate credit cards and loans – paying these off faster will save you money in the long term. 

Cut back on all expenses wherever possible

If your retirement has resulted in a lower monthly income, the fact of the matter is that your monthly outgoings must come down to meet your new circumstances. How can you do this? You need to be brutally honest over your expenditure, realising what is strictly necessary and what is an extravagance that you can live without. 

For example, your energy bill. If you don’t need heating and lighting anywhere near as much as your bills would suggest, cut them out as much as possible – we’re not suggesting that you should live in a sleeping bag in your own home and spend your evenings reading by candlelight, but you could reasonably cut down on your energy bills by being sensible with heating and light.

If you really need to tackle debt, you could look at downsizing 

People don’t like to leave their family home – and for good reason. This is where your children took their first steps. This is where the good times and the bad have been shared over decades. This is where the heart is. However, if your home is sizable, downsizing to a smaller property could free up valuable funds that could see you handsomely out of debt and into positive figures.

Best Streaming Services

Typically consumers pay for cable service to get their television. In recent years, streaming services are on the rise. So much so, that people are able to rid their family of a cable service. You can find your favorite show or movie as quickly as you can go online to usa casino sites. Many streaming services have been established but which ones are the best and worth the cost?


Netflix is the original streaming service. Netflix began with a DVD service where you would get to choose movies from their library and it would arrive in the mail for a number of days and then returned. It eventually moved to an all streaming platform and was the originator of the concept. They offer good content, both new and old and even original series and movies. The library they arrive is top notch and offers no commercials which is the best part. The price ranges from $12-$16. 

Disney +

Netflix used to make deals with Disney to offer their movies and shows however Disney got smart enough to start their own service to exclusively have their content. This streaming service is like no other. Nothing is more classic than Disney, you can always find something good to watch whether it be an old movie you watched as a kid or brand new originals. They even offer the new disney movies during the times of covid which is nice. Besides being able to play online baccarat casino, you can now watch the disney classics from the safety of your home.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is known for their easy and fast online shopping. They also added other services with the prime membership which include music and movies/tv. Amazon is different than netflix in that there are movies and shows that come free with prime but they also have a library of basically any movie or show you want for purchase. They also offer original content like netflix and Disney +. You can also add particular channels for a monthly fee.


Hulu is another streaming service that offers movies and television shows. You can get access for a minimal fee if you don’t mind watching commercials. For a larger monthly rate you can gain access to more of their library without commercials and also live tv.

Sometimes these services offer bundle deals. Disney +, Hulu and ESPN offer deals if you buy them as a package. All of them offer a range of pricing depending on what you can afford. Some households hold multiple or possibly even all! Look up what interests you to see what service has access to your preferences.