Transfer Money to Nepal With Ease – Basics You Need to Know

Do you want to send money to Nepal? Probably you want to send funds to your loved ones back home or maybe you want to remit money to Nepal to support an earthquake relief fund. Both the thoughts are noble and we are extremely glad that you think of people in need. Whatever the reason, it is always crucial that you analyze the mode of money transfer to Nepal, to check whether the option is safe, secure, reliable and quick. At times, you might need to send money urgently and it pays to know certain factors that help you choose the most competitive option.  Now, let us break down the steps involved in sending money overseas.

How To Send Money To A Bank Account In Nepal?

Step 1: Register Your Account

Compare the deals offered by different remitters in the industry. Also, pay attention to factors such as exchange rates, transfer fees and time of transfer. Once you have chosen your money remittance partner, create an account with the service provider. Ensure that you fill in correct details such as name, address, ID proof, who you are sending funds to and why. Once you have successfully created your account, you will be notified by your service provider via an email.

Step 2: Login To Send Money To Nepal

After registering successfully, you will receive a member ID and password. Whenever you want to transfer money to Nepal, you need to login with the given member ID and password to carry out the transaction. The user then needs to enter the beneficiary’s details such as name, bank name, bank account number, etc. Once done, the user can choose the amount that needs to be transferred and hit the send button. Money remittance to Nepal is easy but registering is the first step which you need to follow. Once you choose the amount, you will be ready for transferring money to Nepal.

Step 3: Transferring Money To Nepal

It is time to send money to a Nepali bank account. Once you click on the transfer button, the money is processed to be sent to the beneficiary’s account. When the funds get credited to the beneficiary’s account, you will get a notification through email or SMS, confirming the transfer. You can also track your transaction history from time to time.

Things To Keep In Mind While Sending Money To Nepal

You must properly evaluate all service providers on the following factors: exchange rates, speed of transfer, additional services and transparency, and go with the one, that offers the best exchange rates at minimum transfer fees. Opt for money transfer to Nepal at the best rate.

  • Make your choice on the basis of the amount you want to transfer to Nepal. For example, in case of large remittances, you can opt for Forex firms, as they provide the most affordable rates along with low processing fees. You can transfer money to Nepal at the best rates through these firms.
  • Always negotiate the transfer fees and processing charges with the service providers. This way, you will be able to avail the best possible deals while sending money to Nepal.
  • Make sure that you clarify the terms & conditions with the service providers in the very beginning to avoid any issues later.

With these tips, you are now well-equipped to pick the best option to send money to Nepal.