Tax reminders? Staying up to date.

Whether it’s literally “tax time” or not, it’s important to recognize that the best way to file your taxes is to stay on top of them year round. This might not sound like a particularly appealing idea to many people, and I understand the sentiment. The truth is that it really only takes a small amount of time to make sure that your information is in order and ready to be filed, and taking even just a few moments a month to double-check everything can dramatically help simplify the filing process.

Apply for a Federal Tax ID        

In addition to keeping track of your personal, financial, and professional information, one of the most important things you can do is ensure that you have the right kind of documentation. The IRS requires certain tax IDs, and you must be able to supply one in many cases in order to file your taxes completely and successfully. Sometimes this number is a Social Security Number, for example, and other times it is an Employer Identification Number. There are a variety of options, and you should pick the one that makes the most sense for your needs. If you don’t already have one, then you should apply for a tax ID.

IRS Application for EIN

You might be concerned if you don’t have the correct ID, and that’s understandable. Before you panic, however, it’s important to realize that you can fill out the IRS application for EIN at almost any time! In fact, most people can complete the application online, and it won’t take you days and days to finish. If you need an EIN but haven’t received one yet, then it’s time to complete the IRS application for EIN and get started!

Apply online for an IRS EIN/Tax ID Number at