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Time to pop a baby out?

by Ninja on October 5, 2010 · 48 comments

Life is funny. Actually, scratch that. People are funny. And by funny, I mean annoying. I swear if I hear another person say “When will you have kids” I’m gonna punch this puppy in the face…. Seriously people, I’ve been married less than two months. Give me some room to breath. Can I enjoy the […]

Don’t tell Wife Ninja, but as fun as this whole marriage thing has been, I’m kinda still interested in dating. Fortunately, I know a girl that might be interested in me. Her name is Wife Ninja. That’s right suckas, I want to date my wife. I’m guilty of becoming a wee bit stagnant over the […]

As you all know. Wife Ninja was an aspiring teacher, aka a substitute. She spent all last year subbing for a few different school districts in the San Diego area. She was lucky enough to end last school year with a long term sub position, filling in for two months while a teacher was on […]

The $100 discussion

by Ninja on August 30, 2010 · 45 comments

So, Mrs. Ninja and I merged our bank accounts the other day. What’s mine is hers and whats hers is…hers. Wait that’s not right 😉 Seriously though, for us combining accounts made the most sense. Merging accounts was super easy, what’s a little trickier is figuring out how to set up boundaries. Something tells me […]

Wedding of epic epicness

by Ninja on August 25, 2010 · 34 comments

Holy crap. I feel like I blinked and the wedding was over. It seriously went by so fast. Everyone told me to take a deep breath, go slow, and take it all in, but it’s just so hard when the day is as busy, hectic, exciting as it is. There are parts that I remember […]

A Ninja Love Story

by Ninja on August 5, 2010 · 26 comments

The story of how Girl Ninja and I came to fall in love is not the typical fairy tale that we all read about. We’ve had our ups and downs, but after four years of dating we are excited to commit our lives to each other. I hope you enjoy our love story. It was […]

If you didn’t know, this is my last week as a bachelor. Sunday I marry Girl Ninja and I’m pretty freakin’ excited for it. She has been in Seattle for the last two weeks making all the final arrangements before the big day. I, however, have stayed in San Diego so I could play video […]