How to Have the Frugal Wedding of Your Dream

Weddings and engagement parties are expensive. Adding the cost of a honeymoon onto the tab makes the idea of spending money on getting married particularly unattractive. However, destination weddings or engagement parties can keep the costs lower and add the honeymoon into the whole package.

Forget the US, Give Australia a Go

One of the easiest ways to save money is to make the money go further and be worth more. While it sounds like asking for a magic money tree, currency conversions provide this.  With $1 dollar currently equivalent to $1.34 in Australia, traveling to the land down under becomes even more attractive. Although places like England, France, or Italy may sound traditionally romantic, the US dollar doesn’t stand up as well to the British pound or the Euro. This means that a single dollar doesn’t count for as much when traveling there. If you want your wedding and engagement party budget to feel larger, Australia is the place to be.

Although the idea of an international flight might seem too much for the wallet, roundtrip flights to Australia can be found with a little research and patience. When thinking about the idea of a destination weddings or engagement parties, most people would think that the Caribbean would be the best place. However, the Caribbean is almost as expensive to fly into, and the US dollar doesn’t go as far. What this means is that for a couple wanting to fly somewhere exotic, Australia provides the best benefit overall.

Final Stop: Australia, Brisbane

Now that you’ve decided on Australia as the destination, the question becomes what destination is best. Sydney or Melbourne might seem alluring since they’re the first cities that most people associate with Australia.  Over the last twenty years, however, Brisbane has seen a revitalization making it the best of the three capital cities in Australia. In fact, over the course of the last few years, ambitious chefs have started moving to Brisbane to start new restaurants that are raising the bar for the foodie experience there.

This means that there are now a multitude of cool, new places to hold your reasonably priced destination wedding or engagement party. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something more urban chic, Brisbane has something to meet your needs. Traditionalists can find high tea served and treat their guests to something that mixes the modern into the quintessential experience.  For those looking to give their guests a unique foodie experience, check out the options for wedding and engagement party venues in Brisbane. Whether sitting down to a traditional experience or something more chicly modern, Brisbane has something for every taste.

For those couples looking to cut down on cost while still having a unique wedding or engagement party experience, destination weddings are rapidly becoming the most obvious choice. Finding the right destination, however, means thinking not just about the cost of flights, but the cost of food and boarding, as well. Brisbane and its reinvigorated urban culture provide the perfect option when combined with the current currency conversion rates.


Image source: Factory51, wedding venue in Brisbane Australia


Counterintuitive Frugality

Screen shot 2009-12-13 at Dec 13, 2009, 11.06.45 PMIn case ya didn’t notice, it’s Christmas time. Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to be another PF article about how to save money on your Xmas shopping. Saving money and finding deals, is something I am going to let you figure out on your own. I do plan, however, to talk a little bit about the Xmas gift experience.

I’m a pretty frugal ninja, as if you didn’t already know that. I try to cut costs by any means necessary so I have more money to save, invest, and give. I’m the guy that buys the generic brand cereals,  ketchups, and underwear just to save a little bit of money. It might not taste as good, or fit just right, but my pocketbook thanks me 🙂 While frugality may be a part of my DNA, Xmas is the one time of the year I am totally fine droppin’ some dollar bills.

I get anxiety over spending $20 on myself at the grocery store, but can drop $100 on a gift for my girlfriend with out an ounce of stress. Something about giving gifts, cancels out the anxiety of spending money. I think it can be summed up by this math rule…

Screen shot 2009-12-13 at Dec 13, 2009, 10.19.09 PM

The math clearly shows when I spend money, I can be a happy ninja, as long as a friend benefits along the way (not to be confused with “friends with benefits“).

Like most of you, December is usually my most expensive month. I personally don’t limit my Xmas spending to a certain dollar amount, probably because I don’t take the time to set aside an Xmas savings account. Some years I’ll spend $100, other years I’ll spend $300, and this year I’ll spend even more.

One would expect a frugal person to freak out after spending an abnormal amount of money, but for me it’s no problem. Do any of you experience a similar counterintuitive frugality? Is it easier for you to spend money on someone else rather than yourself? Why do you think that is? I’ve finished my Xmas shopping this year, have you?

p.s. If you are reading this via a feed reader, I recommend you stop by and actually check out my website as I put up my Xmas banner last Thursday….let’s just say I think I’ll be on the naughty list this year.