Effective Debt Management Can Lead to Savings

May 13, 2016

Household budgets cover spending in so many areas, it can be hard to keep track of where your money goes. The good news, however, is each of these spending categories may hold room for savings. As you work to keep your personal finances in order, leave no stone unturned in your quest for savings. Even […]

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Comfortable Retirement Seems Increasingly Elusive

May 10, 2016

For every American over the age of 55 that thinks he or she has enough money for a comfortable retirement there is another who thinks the opposite. With life expectancy increasing it is certain that the latter will be right and likely the former may not all be right. Even healthy people can expect increased […]

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How much does being ugly really cost?

May 4, 2016

Being ugly may not only be a detriment to your social life, but it could also greatly hinder your financial potential. There have been numerous studies indicating a correlation between beauty and professional success. And the verdict is…. hot people make more. Don’t believe me? A study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. […]

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The Ultimate Binary Options Guide For Beginners

May 3, 2016

  For many people out there, the stock market – including the science and the mathematics of it – is something that confuses and startles them, even frighten, at times. This is probably because as humans we tend to what we do not exactly understand. Given that we may have gotten a glimpse of the […]

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5 Ways to Smash Debt with the Right Forex Strategy

May 1, 2016

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us are victims of debt at one level or another. This unfortunate situation is only expected to get worse. According to analysts, most individuals in the United Kingdom will be burdened with no less than £47,000 pounds of debt by the year 2020. This equates […]

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How to Save on the Cost of Life Insurance

April 27, 2016

All too often people avoid buying life insurance because they simply cannot afford it. However, it might be that you cannot afford your ideal life insurance policy, but you can afford something for less. The following article will cover money saving tips when purchasing life insurance. Fifteen money saving tips when purchasing life insurance Buy […]

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Are There Readers Who Want to Share Their Story?

April 26, 2016

When purchasing Punch Debt in the Face we didn’t realize how strong the community still was given Ninja’s lengthy absence.  To say it is amazing is an understatement! At the current time my partner and I are not in the “punching debt” phase of our personal finance journey…but many of the readers may still be, […]

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