This is the way I live…

So if you are poking around this page that means you’re like me and you like knowing other people’s financial situations. I guess I really have no problem letting people ask questions about my money. Call me crazy, but if you are looking at this article than you have at least SOME interest also.

So here is how this little gem work…

  • INCOME pretty self explanatory. This is my monthly pay from my current job. If you have read my other posts, than you know I also tutor to make some spare change. I decided I didn’t want to include this in the income section of my budget as that income fluctuates each month and I did not want to build my spending habits around inconsistent income. I include the tutoring income at the bottom of the spreadsheet and I underestimate it for each month. I’ve been averaging $1,000 a month, but I still don’t want to change it’s current $500 value…I know that makes my budget less accurate, but less accurate in a good way right 🙂

  • INVESTMENTS, TAXES, and EXPENSES. Again, pretty straightforward so no real need to elaborate. I will mention, however, that I DO have health insurance, but since I am 23 I was able to stay on my parents plan (you know I’m gonna ride that out till I’m 25 and get kicked off their policy). I included a 5% increase section on my expenses because sometimes ‘ish happens (consider it like a mini-monthly emergency fund).

  • GOALS, BILLS, and PRIORITIES. The top right section is where I set out my financial goals on January 1 of each year. It starts with what I had in my accounts on 12/31/08 and I make assumptions as to what my accounts will look like come 12/31/09. The section below this is where I keep a list of my fixed monthly expenses…otherwise I’d be forgetting to pay that darn cable bill. And lastly, below that is where I list of the priority of all of my expenses. I did this so if I’m ever in a situation where a ninja stole all my money and I was fired from my job, I would know exactly how to spend each precious dollar that I had. Basically I put the most important bills at the top.

So that’s my life in a spreadsheet form. Hopefully it makes sense to you all, but if it doesn’t feel free to shoot an email or comment and I’ll let you know how it works.


California is expensive

How much would you pay for the sunshine? Is it worth a 10% income tax? How ’bout a housing market few can afford? I personally think California is overrated. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and after living in California for 6 years I have realized it’s just not worth the cost. Not only is California overpriced, but I’m not a big fan of the lifestyle. It’s too fast paced for this small town kid. I’m getting itchy to make the move back to the PNW so I can establish myself there and settle down.
Kinda weird, I’m 23, but ready for the life of a 70 year old.

P.S. California I’m pissed at you cause I pay a lot of money for that sunshine and the forecast shows a chance of rain tomorrow!

Finance Blog Rap Rebuttal

If you are wondering where this rap came from please see this article over at Budgets are $exy where I had a little rap battle.

Ms. K.S. Katz brought some game so I needed to step it up a bit and produce this gem…

Shout outz to my girl K.S. Katz the CreditGoddess
But listen here closely, out my mouth comes the hotness
Rapping about money seems to be a lengthy process
With my lyrical flow, P.F. is what I address

My first rap discussed the financial trinity
To these three authors I lost my blogging virginity
Keeping up with their three articles is my divinity
Ignoring their advice is pure insanity

A flow about money is what you’re sure to get
Follow these three rules to help evade debt
Spend less than you make, avoid using credit
And you’d be a fool not to save for retirement

The name of the game is personal finance
Making love with money is my favorite kind of romance
My bank account is going to enhance
My flow is sick and probably cannot advance

Round two is over, yes it just went down
The CreditGoddesses’ rap has been pushed to the ground
Unless she’s got it in her to go a third round
I wouldn’t recommend it, my spittin’ is profound


Finance Blog Rap

Take a minute ya’ll, just sit right there and listen
To the finance blog rap that you don’t want to be missin’

It’s a fun little description about my favorite peeps
and the stories they write about how to live super cheap

I’ll start with my boy some know him as J. Money
He is really well known for making personal finance funny
Budgets are $exy is the fruition of his work
where he writes about getting screwed by a wedding photographer jerk
take a minute or two and sift through his blog
if you don’t enjoy it then you really…..SUCK.

Now its only appropriate to give a shout out and a hollar
to my man Trent over at The Simple Dollar
It’s a little more academic, but no worries you need not be a scholar
follow Trent’s advise and you’re sure to end up a finance baller

The third blog I read is called All Financial Matters
where JLP serves up financial genius on a platter
He is especially fond of using charts and graphs
to demonstrate the way your 401k has been cut in half

It was to these three blogs my finance cherry had been popped
put them all together and you surely can’t be stopped
My websites punch debt in the face and one day I hope to aspire
to the ranks of these bloggers money management empire.

This blog was featured on this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance found here. Thanks Four Pillars!


I have found myself becoming more and more obsessed with the financial world over the last year. It started with a simple conversation with one of my friends who is a financial analyst for a big bank. We were having a slumber party in his living room (yeah we may be in our 20’s, but we will never be too old for slumber parties!) when he started telling me about the Roth IRA and how it could greatly benefit me. We talked for a good hour or two about other investment strategies (actually he talked, I listened). This conversation kickstarted my quasi-stalkerish obsession with finances. I love reading helpful strategies to make my money work harder. I don’t mess with the convoluted financial gameplans, I like it to keep it simple. Here is what I am doing to secure financial freedom over the next few decades.

Investing 8% in to my TSP (government equivalent of a 401K)
Maxing contributions to my ROTH IRA each year
Putting $2k in the bank each month for my future house fund
Doubling my school loan repayments every month
Selling cocaine to little kids that think it is powdered sugar

One of the above may or may not be a “white” lie…haha no pun intended. But seriously, I’m 23 and I feel like I’ve got a good jump start to the rest of my life. Fortunately I have a steady job with a cool title , make okay money $60k/yr, and live dirt cheap. Every dollar I earn I make sure that it is working it’s @$$ off and finding some friends to come back and play in my online savings account.

Peace up, A-town down,
D Ninja

Trying to make a dollar out of common sense

Like I mentioned in my earlier post this week. I earn a little extra dough each month by taking my math and science skills and providing my knowledge to stupid kids. Algebra and geometry have become commons sense to me. I feel pathetic, but I can actually explain why the quadratic formula works. I have taken my common sense and turned them in to dolla dolla billz. I think this is the second best type of income (first best being passive income cause who doesn’t want to make money by sitting on their budunkadunk all day).

I want to encourage all THREE of my readers…wait actually my stats were down to ZERO readers today…to see how they can turn their oridnary talents in to extra income. Are you good at soccer? Teach soccer lessons. Are you handy with the computer? Design webpages. Are you really good at eating McDonalds? Enter an eating contest? Haha that last one might be a stretch, but I hope you get the point. Get your booty out there and make some booty (pirate money that is)

Arrrrrr Matey,
D Ninja

A dilemma

I’m torn I don’t know what to do. I essentially have $25K in student loans, this is my only debt. I am able to save about $2k every month. I am torn because I have not yet figured out the ratio of debt payoff to future house savings that I am comfortable with. My minimum payment is $178 a month for the next 20 years on the student loan. I currently make double payments every month which has my student loans being paid in full in approximately 8 years.

I am determined to buy a house within the next two years and have a goal of having between $50-100K in the bank by the time I do that. I currently have $12k in savings and have been stock piling that cash as I am not completely sure what I want to do with it. If I was super intense I could use $7K of my savings and then throw all $2K each month at the student loan which would mean it would be paid off by the end of the 2009. However, doing this puts me three to five years away from buying a house. Although I hope to have about $75K in savings when I do buy a home I have no clue how much of that I will actually put down (too many unknown factors like interest rates, house prices, job security, etc). I do feel like I should throw as much money at the student loan as possible because that 7% interest is no fun. I would be getting a guaranteed 7% return on every dollar I put towards it…which is faaaaaaaar better than my online savings, Roth IRA, or 401K have been doing.

I guess I shouldn’t complain to much…at least this is a good problem to have. I just am unsure at this point in my life how to make that $2k in savings work best for my goals.

Drop it like its hot,