Mega Mad Lib Recap

July 30, 2009

Holy balls. I never would have expected my PF mad lib to blow up as big as it did. I am totally humbled, honored, aroused(?), and stoked that it made it’s way to so many sweet blogs. Most were PF blogs, but it even appeared on some non PF blogs. I am totally grateful to […]

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Get your grubby hands off my money

July 29, 2009

Todays guest post comes from a loyal Punch Debt In The Face commenter. David is a student of personal finance, economics, and he is one bada$$ mother lover. He’s done some writing of his own before, but is currently in between blogs. If you like what you read I guess you’ll have to subscribe to […]

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Spreading some PF love

July 28, 2009

Today I am honored to present you with a guest post from my boy Manshu. Manshu runs the blog OneMint where he focuses on personal finance, investing and economics. If you enjoyed his post today take a minute and subscribe to his feed. Now on to the post… How the recession changed my mind on […]

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IWTYTBR Giveaway

July 27, 2009

What’s up you filthy sick nasty bloggers? I am out of town all week and won’t be able to respond to emails or comments until I return. I have two great guest posts lined up for Tuesday and Wednesday this week so be sure to check back for those. I’ll also be roundin’ up the […]

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A week with some high schoolers

July 24, 2009

I am incredibly excited. Tomorrow morning I will be waking up at 6:30 am to meet up with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. In previous blog posts, and twitter updates, I have mentioned I am a volunteer Young Life (YL) leader. Young Life is a non-profit christian high school outreach […]

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Suck It

July 23, 2009

I hope this is not news to you, but is not free. Although the company isn’t doing anything illegal, I think they still deserve a swift punch to the throat. It infuriates me that a company boasts about it’s free credit report service, when in fact it is a we-hope-you-don’t-realize-you-are-signing-up-for-a-monthly-subscription service. Sure, your initial […]

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Monthly Expenses: June

July 22, 2009

Another month of spending is in the books. It’s time to check out my spending habits for the month of June. It was a mediocre month, but I managed to scrape by and have some left over cash at month’s end. Here’s the breakdown… Explanation of Income: Gift: Four hundred big ones that went straight towards […]

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