I bought a security system that isn’t a ripoff.

January 28, 2014

Quit being a wuss. Subscribe to my blog. We were over at a friend’s house a few weeks ago, and after he gave us a tour of his home he asked Girl Ninja and I a weird question. He said “Do you want to see your entrance to our home?” I had no idea what […]

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I’m legitimately stressed.

January 26, 2014

  Over the last week and a half I’ve spent a solid three hours discussing baby strollers and car seats. As first time parents, we know there is a lot to be learned about parenting, and a million different opinions on how to parent the best. Whatever. The only thing that causes me to lose […]

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To infinity and beyond

January 21, 2014

Next pay period I will receive a small raise at work, to the tune of $2,500 (a 3% raise). While I’m stoked to be getting any raise at all, let’s be real, it’s not a life changing amount. In fact, I’m only expecting to net $75 more each paycheck because of it. Big Macs on me […]

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Should I take a sabbatical

January 15, 2014

In college, I remember being jealous of the professors who had earned a sabbatical. They would take a whole semester off, with pay, to basically do whatever they wanted. It seemed like the sweetest gig in the world. Every ten years they worked, they could take a three-month sabbatical. About a year ago, I asked […]

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Our 2014 Budget

January 13, 2014

Finally found the motivation this weekend to spend a little bit of time working on our 2014 budget. Especially after many of you called out my laziness in last weeks post and forced me to get my stuff together. Thanks for the swift kick in the pants ya jerks. Girl Ninja and I will be repping […]

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Real Estate Commissions Are An Absolute Joke

January 9, 2014

Girl Ninja and I were personal friends with our real estate agent. He has led Young Life with us for the last couple years and he’s a great dude. In fact, we had him over for dinner just the other night so we could show him all the changes we’ve made to our house since […]

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I don’t even feel like budgeting.

January 7, 2014

    Every year, during the first week of January, I update my excel budget. It’s the tool I’ve used for 5+ years now to track how much I anticipate our financial situation will change over the calendar year. Last year (2013) I predicted a $50,000 increase, but with some massive help from the stock […]

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