I could make a full salary on Craigslist.

August 26, 2015

I’ve blogged many times about my love of Craigslist, and how I’ve used it to save money over the years. Over the last six weeks or so, I’ve been flipping furniture on CL and am shocked at just how profitable that can be. Spefically, when you are wheeling and dealing mid century modern furniture. Let’s look […]

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Good news friends. I’m not dead.

August 25, 2015

So let’s just talk about the big elephant in the room.  Yes. I dropped off the face of the earth for the last two and a half months. And ya know what, it felt soooooooooo good. I wish I had some cool story about how I was doing awesome things that kept me so busy […]

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The great deduction debate.

June 9, 2015

I came across a person the other day, who suggested that anyone who lists charitable gifts on their taxes is not donating out of the goodness of their heart, but for the selfish benefit of receiving a tax deduction. Upon hearing those words I had a facepalm moment… I guess they have a point, the deduction […]

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I kinda sorta wanna sell our home.

May 20, 2015

From the Seattle Times: From July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013, Seattle grew by 2.8 percent — the highest rate among the 50 most-populous U.S. cities. From the Seattle PI: The wealthy in Seattle are getting wealthier at a faster pace than any other U.S. city, while those in the lowest income bracket are not keeping […]

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I’m about to save you 10% on life!

May 7, 2015

Thanks to you bullies, I decided to splurge the other day and buy a $450 Weber grill. I wasn’t able to bring myself to a point where I could justify the purchase, but after a bunch of peer pressure from some of my readers I felt I had to. Okay, that’s a lie. I just really […]

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Can I buy that?

May 4, 2015

The beautiful thing about having money in the bank is you can afford to buy things. The ugly thing about having money in the bank is, well, you can afford to buy things. Although I’m grateful to be in the financial position we are currently in, sometimes I miss the days of paying down debt. […]

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This is why you buy when the market is breaking records

April 23, 2015

The Nasdaq hit an all time high yesterday, ending the day at 5,056. The previous record dated back to March 10th 2000, when the index was at 5,048. As you can guess, the previous record was set shortly before the dotcom crash that sent the Nasdaq down nearly 4,000 points to 1,114 in 2002. The S&P […]

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