Meet baby ninja

by Ninja on June 25, 2014 · 27 comments

He’s 8lbs even and a lady killer.

We love him… even if he kinda looks like an alien 😉




1 Tara

Congratulations! He’s a cutie. Newborns always look so tired, being born is very tiring I guess. 😀

2 Michelle

Congrats! The three of you look great 🙂

3 TPol

Congratulations to the Ninja Family! He is going to be a handsome munchkin. Love the family picture!

4 Brit

AAWWW Congratulations!

5 Jaimie

He is adorable – you are a good looking family!

6 Retired by 40

Awww! Congrats! You guys look great….The Big Guy and I looked nothing like that after BabyRB40 was born….lol!

7 Bert

Congratulations! Only 11 more to go…

8 Den

WOW! What a beauty…..enjoy every moment!

9 Elizabeth

You guys are a precious little family – congrats!!

10 Aranka

Congratulations! He is adorable. Lovely family picture!

11 Sue

He is adorable. Best wishes

12 Carolyn

Congratulations!!!!!… (from a mom of Five) Enjoy every second, because when you blink, he will be in college.

13 Jennifer

YAY! Congratulations, he is so sweet!

14 Corina

Lots of health and good luck to the 3 of you!

15 Midwest


16 Michelle

So adorable! Congratulations!

17 Kate


18 Izabela

He is beautiful!! Congratulations!

19 anne

Congratulations! Girl Ninja looks AMAZING for having just birthed a baby!

20 Lisa E. @ Lisa vs. the Loans

Congrats, Ninja! Thank God for a healthy baby!

21 Leanne

Congratulations! He’s gorgeous

22 buthidae

‘Grats Ninja and Girl Ninja!

23 Tania

As they say, it’s very tiring being cute! Many congrats to you both.

24 Brian@ Debt Discipline

Congrats! Hope all are doing well!

25 Mrs. Money

Congrats! Beautiful family!

26 dojo

He looks amazing. My daughter looked ‘grumpy’, too, but, as soon as she hit 2 months, she started looking really great. Just give him few weeks and you’ll be amazed how ‘dandy’ he’ll look 🙂

27 Rebecca @ Stapler Confessions

Aaaw! Congratulations! What a cute little face!

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