Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012 · 10 comments

Hope you are enjoying some delicious Turkey. And if you aren’t eating turkey then I’m assuming you either a) hate happiness b) are vegetarian or c) aren’t from the US! Have a wonderful Thursday!

1 Mo D.

LOL!! Happy Thanksgiving from north of the border!

2 MyMoneyMess

ROFL! Great cartoon! Happy Thanksgiving.

3 Techbud

Happy Thanksgiving!

4 DoNotWait

Love the cartoon! Not in the US, much in the up North (that is Canada!!) but still considering Turkey as an option for dinner. Enjoy folks!

5 retirebyforty

Haha! the cartoon is great!
Why does turkey taste so much better on Thanksgiving?


LOLZ…. That is awesome lolz. Keep up the good work, keep updating.

7 T'Pol

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am not having turkey today but, I am in Turkey… not quite like in the cartoon though:)

8 Larry

“And if you aren’t eating turkey then I’m assuming you either a) hate happiness b) are vegetarian c) aren’t from the US!”

or d) you are among the millions who are poor, sick, friendless, alone, or forced by your employer to work on what is supposed to be a national holiday. I have no statistics but I suspect group D is far larger than the prettified, sentimental version of the end-of-year holidays would lead us to expect. Time was, for example, that grocery stores would be closed all day on Thanksgiving and similar holidays. Nowadays virtually every store in my area is open until 3PM for those who can’t plan their turkey purchases in advance, and the Black Friday mania is encouraging retailers (think WalMart) to open at times when respectable people ought to be in bed. Not to mention six weeks of Christmas carols and Santa Clauses dunning you for money wherever you go. Bah, humbug, I say, and let’s go back to a time when end-of-year holidays didn’t count for so much; they were far more pleasant then.

9 Justin

Larry, for once be happy. It’s the season, just be nice eat some turkey and lay off for one day.

10 Larry

I stand by what I said. Neither turkey nor my happiness has anything to do with the case.

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