Everything You Need To Know About Incorporating a Company in Hong Kong through an Agency

When investors set out to open offshore companies, the main challenge is getting a perfect place. This is never easy because most countries and regions have their unique challenges. However, one of the top investment destinations in the world that should never escape your attention is Hong Kong. If you opt to register a company in Hong Kong, the following benefits await.

Advantages of opening a company in Hong Kong 

  • Straight forward tax regime
  • Possibility of a 0% tax if transactions are done away from Hong Kong
  • You can use the company as a gateway to the Mainland China and the entire Far East
  • Hong Kong has a very stable financial system
  • An administration that supports businesses for faster growth and success

Having understood the many benefits that come with entering Hong Kong, the next step is registering a company. Though you can register the company on your own, the process is lengthy because you have to travel to Hong Kong, look for a company secretary in Hong-Kong, an office, carry a name search, and present the documents to the registry. Instead of following the lengthy procedure, you can use an agency to register the company faster and conveniently.

Benefits of working with an agency

Often, many people who want to open offshore companies are faced with the challenge of having to travel, prepare the required documentation, and wait during the processing period. This is the key reason that agencies were allowed to assist with incorporating companies for foreigners. Here are additional benefits of working with an agency.

  • The agencies operate from Hong Kong: This is very critical because they understand the business environment and can give recommendations based on the latest policies and developments.
  • They can serve as your company secretary and address: One core requirement for incorporating a company in Hong Kong is that you must have a company secretary. This is the main link person for the company and administration. The agency will help you to get an appropriate secretary and a company address. However, if your company will not be very busy or want to enter Hong Kong gradually, the selected agency can serve as the secretary and physical address (what about CRS?).
  • Your agency will help you with the entire registration process: Having been in Hong Kong and being run by experts, you can expect to get the company registration completed very fast. The agency will require you to submit the required documents and can help with preparing the memorandum of understanding, articles of association, and others in a professional way.

How to pick an agency to incorporate your company in Hong Kong

To be sure of getting more from an agency during and after incorporating a company, it is important to pick the right one.

  • Consider an agency run by experts so that you can get professional advice
  • The selected agency should be based in Hong Kong
  • Ensure to pick the agency that has a history of good relations with past clients
  • Evaluate the agency’s commitment to clients
  • Pick an agency that is willing to nurture your presence and growth in Hong Kong

Please contact us for assistance with incorporating your company in Hong Kong. We are here to assist you to register, grow, and expand beyond Hong Kong.