Dear Debt Punchers, quit being so awesome!

June 23, 2009 · 9 comments

I freakin’ love you guys. Like seriously, I have a huge crush on all my readers. You have consistently provided solid feedback, comments, and suggestions. On more than one occasion I have proposed a personal dilemma, only to have you PF’ers beat some financial sense in to me. It started when I was having a dilemma about how much extra cash I wanted to pay down on my student loan. You all advised that I pay down my school debt faster and I am oh so grateful.

Well about a month ago I posed a question regarding my motorcycle “To sell or not to sell?” I listed the pros and cons of motorcycle ownership and you all basically busted my chops and in a 3 to 1 vote, demanded the sale of my murdercycle.

Well, you debt punchers will be pleased to hear I sold that thing last night. I’ll walk you through the process. About a week after the votes were in I posted it up on craigslist for $2,800 (the amount I paid for it 1.5 years earlier). I didn’t get a single phone call or email on the thing and was a little discouraged. I had been riding it for the last three weeks and decided this last Sunday it was time to go round two. This time I posted the murdercycle for $2,500. Within an hour I received my first phone call from an interested buyer. He ended up flaking out and never made a second contact. About an hour after that I got another phone call from a second prospect. He seemed pretty interested and inquired a little about the bike and asked me to email him a couple more pictures.  He drove down late Sunday to take a look at it and decided he wanted it. We mad an agreement to meet yesterday, Monday, after work to complete the transaction.

Here I sit, less than 48hrs after I posted my bike online, with a cashiers check for $2,500. It was seriously the easiest sale I have ever made. Am I sad to see it go? Sure, but I am way happier to have cash in my pocket and a feeling of relief. It would pretty much be impossible for me to die in a motorcycle accident now :) Thank you all for your words of wisdom and speaking common sense in to my life. I guess all I have left to do is convert the depreciating asset (motorcycle) in to an appreciating investment (retirement account). Roth IRA here I come!!!!

Lookin’ forward to the next time I need some help!

Here was a picture of the former murdercycle…