I admit it. Girl Ninja and I have been terrible wedding gift givers as of late. In fact, we are four wedding presents behind, with the most overdue gift being 10 months late…and counting. This is especially¬†embarrassing¬†considering Girl Ninja and I got gifts from each of these persons on (or before) our wedding. Needless to […]

An updated throwback that should piss half of you off… I’ll never understand why some married couples keep their finances separate (yes, that is me quasi-judging some of you). Maybe it’s the traditionalist in me, but when I asked Girl Ninja to marry me, I asked her to marry ALL of me. This includes (but […]

The best man

April 19, 2012 · 20 comments

So my former college roommate was a groomsman in my wedding two years ago. At my wedding he did a peculiar thing. He fell in love with one of Girl Ninja’s bridesmaids. Well, not just any bridesmaid, but GN’s older sister. They hit it off that night and started dating shortly after. On Sunday, he […]

Not only did I commit my life to Girl Ninja on August 8th, but I apparently committed it to about 20 of her best friends too. I seriously can’t believe how many parties we have on our calendar. It seems like every week there is a birthday, wedding, or other random function to attend. To […]

Holy crap. I feel like I blinked and the wedding was over. It seriously went by so fast. Everyone told me to take a deep breath, go slow, and take it all in, but it’s just so hard when the day is as busy, hectic, exciting as it is. There are parts that I remember […]

A Ninja Love Story

August 5, 2010 · 26 comments

The story of how Girl Ninja and I came to fall in love is not the typical fairy tale that we all read about. We’ve had our ups and downs, but after four years of dating we are excited to commit our lives to each other. I hope you enjoy our love story. It was […]

If you didn’t know, this is my last week as a bachelor. Sunday I marry Girl Ninja and I’m pretty freakin’ excited for it. She has been in Seattle for the last two weeks making all the final arrangements before the big day. I, however, have stayed in San Diego so I could play video […]