How to start investing with a small budget

With the economy taking a turn for the worse now and then, it’s wise not to store one’s eggs in one basket. This may be through relying solely on one’s paycheck. One has to find alternate ways to raise extra money on the side. A great way to do so is by investing in the hope that you will get huge returns in the future. However, this is not always the go-to option for most people. This is because most people have the illusion that investing is only exclusive to those with deep pockets. However, they couldn’t be further from the truth. It is actually possible to invest while on a small budget and here is how:

Start by saving

There is a thin line between saving and investing. In order to raise some money to invest, you’ll first need to save up a bit. If you are new to saving, here are some few pointers to saving. First, start off with stowing away a little at a time, say, $10 dollars per week. This may seem like a small amount, but over time it will grow up into a sizeable amount. Ways to starting saving include putting an amount of money in an envelope, a small safe, a shoe box or even in a cookie jar. There are also online savings options and apps that can assist one in saving. With saving also comes the need to spend less than one earns.

Direct Stock Purchase Plans

Once you have saved up a small amount, one of the best places to invest in is in direct stock purchase plans. This is where one buys stocks directly from companies with the absence of a brokerage account and middlemen. However, a drawback to this is that very few companies offer these plans so one is limited in options. However, you can’t dismiss the benefits of this plan where you don’t have to pay large sums of money as commission to a broker and you can even buy half shares.

Find fund companies that offer low minimums

In one’s search for fund companies, it is very easy to get turned off by well-known no-load fund companies that command large amounts of money as investment to the tune of several quid. However, be on the look for no-load fund companies that cater for new investors and don’t require one to raise high limits.

Other ways of getting investment advice are through books by well-renowned entrepreneurs such as Jack Welch or Robert Kiyosaki. Taking the time to read and learn them by heart is a good start to saving which you can find in various stores near you, say Barnes & Noble. Look for coupons and promo codes available to save bucks. All in all, these tips will help start you off investing even on a small budget.

Fashion industry: Appreciate the latest trends for wedding dresses

The fashion industry is always keen to see what the latest trends will be for designer wedding dresses and reaction from some of the latest bridal shows will create a stir.

That’s because it appears that designers are willing to meet a growing demand from brides for wedding dresses that help them stand out from the crowd.

However, for many wedding industry watchers this will mean more brides ignoring the elegant classic gown which has stood the test of time and opt for something rather different instead.

Indeed, this may mean wearing a completely sheer wedding gown, wearing unusual veil hats or even – for those brides who really do want to cause a stir – have a wedding dress with a crotch-baring design. They certainly will not be a blushing bride!

It appears that designer wedding dresses in the near future will be aiming to reveal as much of the bride’s flesh as is possible with some designers unveiling daring looks including an ‘almost naked’ look.

These wedding dresses mean the bride will be revealing their pelvic bone in a gown that has been slashed from the waist to the floor though other designers are equally keen on brides flashing their cleavage as well.

However, it’s not all about designer wedding dresses taking centre stage to get all of the attention on a bride’s big day since some fashion designers are also creating unusual veils for their outfits as well; some of them look like hats with the veil falling down like a helmet.

Other creators of unusual wedding dresses have also revealed their delicate bridal gown designs that come complete with a sheer cleavage that leaves little to the imagination.

There’s also a trend for wedding dresses to use floral prints more in the fabrics of the gown to help the bride stand out.

The trend for future wedding dresses is not just about setting out to shock and it appears that bows will be popular as well, particularly bows located in unusual places, for instance on the back of dresses and tucked into skirts.

The latest designer wedding dresses were unveiled in New York where the watching fashion fans welcomed the ground breaking designs and there’s no doubt that brides who love fashion will be tempted to dare to bare on their wedding day in some of these more unusual offerings.

Day Trading Myths vs. Reality

stocktrading_1Most people want to find a way to work from home these days. And pretty much everybody with an interest in personal financial management has at least some interest in the stock market. Naturally, many of people find a solution that perfectly combines the two. That’s trying to turn day trading into an occupation!

In theory, this can be a pretty good gig. You get to work from home, you’re in full control of your investment portfolio, and there’s lucrative earning potential. But like a lot of other occupations, you don’t quite fully understand day trading until you’ve given it a shot. If this is something you want to consider, take a moment to read through some of these debunked myths about the supposed glories of the job.

1.) It’s A Six-and-a-Half Hour Work Day!

The people who tell you this aren’t wrong. You can check the trading hours. It’s true. But we’re also not in fantasy land. There’s no such thing as a six-and-a-half hour work day unless you’ve already made your millions or you’re in a very high-paying profession with a level of seniority that allows you to be complacent. If you try to day trade as a day job and stick only to open market hours, you’re either going to get lucky and succeed anyway, or crash and burn mightily—and it’s probably the latter. Between pre-market news and analysis, chart studies, after hours trading, and general preparation, there’s a lot that goes into day trading on either side of the official hours. I know, I know – this makes me a little sad too.

2.) You Can Work From Your Laptop

Except not really. Well, you can kind of work from a laptop. But if you’re really going to dive into day trading, you’re going to need a whole lot more to do it responsibly. Traders need lots of equipment and that includes powerful, reliable computers, multiplier monitors, high-end trading software, and the best possible WiFi routers for starters. You’ll also probably want note-taking materials, a television, and whatever else you need to make a cozy office environment. It’s not really that much given that you’re looking to make this your job—but you do need more than your everyday computer.

3.) It’s Basically Gambling

If I hear one more person say this, I’m going to punch a hole in the wall. Actually, I won’t, but it sounds like this guy will. He wrote up a list of 50 day trading myths, and this one is fairly positive. His argument is that the common assertion that day trading is akin to gambling couldn’t be further than the truth. This is because responsible day traders do enough preparation and analysis to give themselves better odds at success than one has gambling. That means it’s more of a profession than a game, but it also means it requires real work—and talent.  It isn’t like gambling using a ladbrokes bonus code.

4.) There’s A Holy Grail

Nothing to see here, folks. The idea is that when newcomers to the profession and pursue different strategies they begin to learn certain things that work and certain things that don’t. This leads them to believe (even if only subconsciously) that there’s some kind of “perfect” method out there. The good news is that you don’t actually need a holy grail to succeed in day trading. The bad news is that there was never one to begin with.

5.) You Have To Dive In Blind

There seems to be another popular myth that there’s no way to learn day trading besides diving in head first. In a way that’s true. But these days there are actually a lot of really helpful apps and programs that essentially allow you to trade fake money in a simulation of the real stock market. If you don’t use one of these tools to practice before trying your hand at day trading, you’re doing it wrong.

Finding the Right Advice to Help Grow Your Wealth

The right advice could mean the difference between comfortable retirement and financial distress. Your choice of financial advisor makes a significant difference as they help you make decisions appropriate to your circumstances. Seeking the advice of a professional gives you access to years of experience and knowledge. However, not all financial advisors are equal. Consider these questions when evaluating your current or potential financial advisor.

  1. Are they independent?

Independent financial advisors don’t work for any particular product provider and they do not earn any commission off the products they sell, while advisors who are tied to certain products may have incentives to sell. Independent financial advisors are most often objective and experienced. They help you lay out a path to reach your financial goals. Their expertise can help you make sense of the various products available and pick one that is best suited to your needs.

  1. What are their qualifications?

Financial advisors are legally required to hold appropriate licenses and pass  regulatory exams. They are also required to prove on a continuous basis that they are maintaining and developing their professional competence.

Question prospective advisors about their academic and related credentials. Read all the disclosure documents they provide you with. These documents include information concerning which products the advisor is licensed to advise or offer recommendations on. It is important to verify that prospective advisors are suitably qualified to oversee your finances.

  1. What is their fee structure?

Advisors should offer full disclosure and transparency when considering their pay structure. Discuss all fees and relevant payment information upfront. Fees are generally charged as a percentage of the investment, which may include an initial fee and installments. Other fee structures exist, such as paying for advice directly (usually at an hourly rate). Make sure you fully understand the fee structure before you approve any payments.

  1. How can they help you grow your wealth?

The best financial advisors help you put a plan in motion, which compliments your needs and financial goals. They help you understand the impact your emotions have on your financial decisions, which allows you to invest with confidence and discipline. Responding emotionally can ruin the value of your savings. Good advisors look at your finances rationally and remain focused on your objectives, playing a pivotal role in generating wealth. Developing a relationship over time ensures that your plan evolves as your needs and goals change, rather than responding to short-term fluctuations.

Finding a good financial advisor

The most important aspect of this relationship is trust. Speak to someone you know and trust for a recommendation.

Buying a Sports Car before Winter Hits

One of the types of vehicles that you can purchase is a sports car. These are very popular high performance cars that are often a joy to drive. When shopping for a sports car, it is very important to consider a number of things. It will be important to compare pricing and look for discounts. Once you find a car that you are interested in purchasing, you will then want to look for financing. Consumers who are shopping for a sports car will also want to evaluate different models, evaluate the brands and also look for specific features. Lastly, it will be beneficial to consider whether they want to buy a sports car that is new or used. These are the things you will want to keep in mind when looking to buy a sports car before the winter.


The first thing you will want to do when buying a sports car before the winter is to compare pricing. In your locale, there will be a number of dealerships that set pricing on the sports cars you wish to purchase. In order to make sure that you get a fair and affordable price, you will want to compare the prices of each dealership. You will also want to compare the pricing according to the manufacturer’s website. By doing this, you will be in position to find a sports car that is available at your desired price range.


Another activity you will want to do when getting a sports car is to look for discounts. There are many times during the fall months where manufacturers are looking to sell sports cars. In order to sell more cars, they will often offer sports cars at lower prices. You will therefore get considerable discounts on sports cars. A typical manufacturer will often lower the price by $2500 to $5000. As a result, you will be able to get a sports car at a huge discount. This will allow you to get this type of car more easily since it is much more affordable. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to see if sports cars are offered at discounts when looking to purchase one.


Once you find the sports car you want to purchase, it will then be necessary to look into arranging financing. Fortunately for consumers, there are a number of sources to use when looking to finance a sports car. First you can go to commercial banks and finance a car through them. You will often be able to get good loan terms and rates from the bank that you currently have accounts with. Consumers looking to finance a sports car can also go to credit unions. These organizations offer car loans at some of the lowest rates available. Therefore, this can be one of the most affordable ways to finance a car. If you are looking to buy a sports car before the winter, you can always finance a car directly through the dealership. Lastly, you may be able to finance a sports car with a car title loan. Therefore, you have many ways to finance a sports car and get this particular vehicle before winter hits.


Consumers who are looking to buy sports car before the winter comes will want to evaluate different models. Many manufacturers offer a number of different sports cars for you to purchase. One of the top sports car brands is Porsche who offer a handful of models that you can choose from. Another manufacturer such as Chevrolet offers both the Camaro and the Corvette. The different models give you a number of options to consider when looking to buy a sports car.


Shoppers who want to buy a sports car will also benefit by evaluating all of the different brands. Fortunately for consumers, there are a number of manufacturers who offer sports cars for consumers to purchase. Manufacturers such as Porsche, Chevrolet, Subaru, Ford and Dodge all offer a good selection of sports cars. Each brand has their unique advantages and therefore, consumers can check each one out. With different brands, consumers will have a number of options to consider when looking to buy a sports car.


When deciding to buy a sports car, it is very important to look for specific features. Since these features will play a major role in your driving experience, it will be important to find the best ones available. You will want to consider features such as safety, performance, and technology. With very good safety features, you will be sure to drive a vehicle that is very safe and comfortable to drive in. A high performance car will result in a very enjoyable driving experience as you will be able to more the car swiftly with speed. The technology features will allow you to use maps to navigate areas, a touch screen to access mp3 files and also more easily use your cell phone.


The last thing you will want to consider when buying a sports car before the winter is whether to buy one new or used. Buying a sports car that is new will allow you to take advantage of a car that has never been driven before. It will also have the latest and most updated features as well. You can also buy a used sports car which is often a satisfactory option for many consumers. A used sports car is more affordable and also provides you with the same performance, comfort and technology features as a new sports car.

401k Loans Vs. Installment Loans

Are you thinking about taking out a loan? Would you prefer to take a loan from your 401k or as an installment loan or a payday loan alternative? Do you know the difference? What are the pros and cons of each? Let’s take a closer look.

401k Loans

Some people actually do consider taking a 401k loan. However, there are others who believe that tapping into that retirement savings is somewhat of a desperate move… and it is. However, in certain cases, it can also be a sound decision. The thing about it is that you need to know exactly what you are getting into when it comes to risk, payback, and time.

Here is a quick look at some of the pros and cons of taking out a 401k loan.


  • 401k loans do not incur any sort of income tax or other penalties for withdrawing early unless you default on the loan.
  • There are no application forms or credit checks, which opens up your options if your credit isn’t the best.
  • Most of the time, the funds are quickly available ad you are able to borrow from your 401k for nearly anything.
  • Most of the time, 401k loans are available with cheaper interest rates than those charged by credit cards.
  • The interest that is paid on loans of this type are paid to you as opposed to the lender.


  • When you borrow from your 401k, you take that money away from investments and possibly from gains.
  • Anything you borrow will be taxed twice.
  • You end up contributing less to your own retirement fund due to having to pay the loan off.
  • Not every 401k plan allows for borrowing from it.
  • If you leave your job for any reason, the whole loan becomes due at the end of 60 days.

Now let’s take a peek at the pros and cons of an installment loan.


  • A large advantage to this type of loan is that you can usually have the cash you need in a day or less, which is great for when you have an emergency.
  • People who have little credit history or even bad credit can find it easier to qualify for this type of loan as long as they have verifiable employment, an active checking account, and a social security number.
  • People who don’t want to share the reason they need the money don’t have to – there are no questions asked.
  • You know right away what your payments will be and when they will be due.
  • Payments do not fluctuate.


  • Usually, there is a limit to the amount of money that can be borrowed. These types of loans are generally for around $1,250.
  • If you are unable to pay this type of loan back on time and on schedule, your credit can and will suffer.
  • Interest rates for this type of loan are typically higher than what you would expect to find at traditional lending institutions, this is the price you pay for the quickness of the loan.
  • If you renew the loan or take the entire amount of time allotted to repay it, you will be paying back much more than you borrowed.

Whatever you decide to do, both types of loans can be a good decision or a bad decision, depending on the situation you are in and your ability to pay back the loan. Take your time with this decision and make sure that you weigh all of your options before taking any sort of action.

5 Conditions Under Which a Bankruptcy is Needed

For millions of Americans bankruptcy is unthinkable.  Maybe it is the idea of admitting defeat or some people think that it is for deadbeats who are trying to run out on their debts.  However, there are times when bankruptcy is the best option.  With that in mind, we will look at five conditions under which a bankruptcy is needed.

1. Retired with a Mountain of Debt and no Income

Bankruptcy isn’t just for businesses.  In some cases, people work their entire lives and help to provide a better future for their families only end up with a mountain of bills and no income.  According to a report from a professor at Michigan Law School, bankruptcies amongst senior citizens are among the fastest growing group in the country.

Granted this report was published in 2010, but the trend is clear.  Millions of Americans have worked their entire lives only to see their retirements wiped out by the dot-com and housing busts, and the Great Recession.

One plus of filing for bankruptcy as a senior citizen is that the first $1.2 million in your IRA account is protected from bankruptcy.  However, the process can be a bit tricky and you need to make sure you pick a good Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney to help you with the process.

2. Drowning in Medical Bills

Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Care Act) was supposed to help, but as Bill Clinton recently said ‘it’s a crazy system.’  As Americans, we benefit from some of the best medical care in the world. However, it is also the most expensive.  In fact, the problem is so big that debt from medical bills is growing faster than credit card debt.  It has become so bad that more people are going into bankruptcy due to medical debt than ever before.

Even with insurance, co-pays and time lost from work can push up the cost of medical care in the U.S. For some people, filing for bankruptcy is the only option.  The key thing to remember when considering bankruptcy is to make sure most, if not all, of your procedures, have been completed.  If not, then you could end up coming out of bankruptcy with several medical bills remaining.

3. Credit Card Debt

This is probably one of the most common reasons why people get into financial trouble.  Credit card debt has become so common in the U.S. that most people don’t even have $500 in their bank account to overcome an emergency.  One of the signs you are in credit card debt is when you can no longer keep up with minimum payments.  Even worse, some people use cash advances to pay their credit cards.  This is very dangerous and never ends well.

If this sounds like you, then you need to consider bankruptcy.  Just remember that you will need to sit down, list all your credit cards and other liabilities.  In addition, make sure you have a complete understanding of your assets.  A good lawyer will help, but you need to keep good records as well.

4. Divorce

Using bankruptcy to get out of your obligations from a divorce is spurious at best, but sometimes it is necessary.  This is especially true if your former spouse is using bankruptcy and it looks like you are going to left holding the bag.  It is a nightmare situation and if this sounds like what you are going for, then you need to get professional advice.

Just remember, this is not a cut and dry situation.  Bankruptcy during or after divorce requires a lot of attention to detail as you need to make sure there is no hangover which could come back to get you after proceedings are finished.  One of the easiest ways to navigate this quandary is to file a joint bankruptcy, but this is not always an option.  Especially if the divorce is extremely bitter.  It would simplify everything and then allow you and your ex to move on with your lives.

5. Laid Off and In Debt

Over the past 30 years’ unemployment has become more common.  There is no shame in being unemployed.  Yet the challenge is that it always seems to happen at the worst possible times.  This especially true if you are deep in debt and are facing an extended period of unemployment.  First, you probably don’t have the saving to withstand six- to twelve-months of unemployment.  Second, you want to make sure what little you have is there to help you through the lean times.

You might want to consider bankruptcy if you have recently been let go and have few options for a new job anytime soon.  Here’s a tip, if you don’t meet the requirements for Chapter 7, then consider filing for Chapter 13.  If you are unemployed, the odds are that the court will simply dismiss your debts.