“Buy a house” they said. “You’ll be able to deduct the mortgage interest” they said. Probably one of the greatest lies ever told, and possibly a lie you believed. This is how many prospective homeowners think about things: Buy a house. Pay mortgage interest. Deduct said mortgage interest from taxes. Convince yourself this is an […]

Random Question

by Ninja on December 6, 2012 · 35 comments

Meet Johnny… Johnny makes $100,000 a year. He has decided to put $6,667 in to his 401K each year. This would  mean Johnny saves 6.67% for retirement. Johnny’s friend, Deborah doesn’t have a 401k plan at her work. Deborah also makes $100,000 a year. Deborah decides she will put money in to a Roth IRA […]

Would you do it.

by Ninja on October 26, 2012 · 39 comments

Would you take out  a 0% loan for something you were already going to buy?  If so, why? If no, why not? Discuss.

How do you eat?

by Ninja on October 22, 2012 · 37 comments

Girl Ninja and I have come to the cruel realization it costs a lot of money to fill our stomachs. The two of us drop about $600/month on groceries and dining out related expenses. While most PF bloggers would be looking for a way to cut that cost in half, we aren’t. We like cooking new […]

DC bound

by Ninja on October 8, 2012 · 22 comments

Writing this blog post from the shuttle van that is taking me to the airport. The other people in the van are wondering why I’m on my phone at 5am. They’ll just have to keep on wondering….haha. I’m on my way to DC for a short business trip through Friday. As I always ask when […]

Well that was kind of awesome.

by Ninja on September 6, 2012 · 21 comments

Two days ago I mentioned I was amongst the top ten contenders being considered for the “People’s Choice Award” at this years personal finance bloggers conference. At the time of the post I didn’t stand a chance; I was at the bottom of the list. But guess freaking what!!!!! WE WON!!!!!! That’s right peeps, we […]


by Ninja on September 1, 2012 · 3 comments

Once we get approval to tell you about the shows air time we will!!!!!!