Financial summary in 140 characters

If you don’t have a Twitter account then you can’t follow me on twitter. And if you aren’t following me on twitter, you’re super lame.

The thing that makes Twitter so interesting is you have to communicate an entire thought using no more than 140 characters. Sometimes this is easy, for example,

“Cats are the worst thing to ever happen to society.”

Other times it can be quite difficult.

Let’s make things a little interesting and try to communicate our entire financial history via a 140 character (or less) sentence. Here’s mine….

$28,000 student loan debt. Punched Sallie Mae in the face. Saved hard. Bought a house. Baby on the way.

See that was easy wasn’t it!!! Alright I have to get off this iPad before Girl Ninja starts beating me (she’s been known to be abusive :)).

So this happened last night…

But the slomo version is my personal favorite. Listen to that solid high five sound.

Oh and the guy that I hugged before Girl Ninja, he and his wife popped their balloon at the same time and we realized we were both having boys.

More Nova

Will be back to regular blogging next week. In the meantime I’m enjoying being a dad 😉




Been busy with this Gem

Picked up this sweetheart on Saturday night. Meet Nova (middle name Scotia)…


Hopefully I’ll find some time to blog soon 😉

Answer this question….

What’s the most expensive emergency you’ve ever had?

Good question right? If you’re like me you’re lucky enough to have never really had an emergency. I think my answer is $0.

I know one day we will have to tap our $10,000 Efund for a medical, car, or home issue, I dread that day. But until said emergency comes, I’m going to vicariously live through your stories.

Do tell. 🙂

Well that’s kinda clever.

Just watched this video about Coin; An alternative way to handle multiple credit/debit cards. It looks awesome. 


Oh and if you want some content today, go check out this Yahoo article I was featured in. I had to give them a fake name since they refused to put Ninja in the article. Apparently the editor wasn’t too fond of it. Haha.



On my way to The Netherlands

I’ll be on a plane for the next 12 hours. Expect more frequent posts from me over the next month and a half as I sit in my hotel room all by myself in the evenings 🙂

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Girl Ninja. I call it “The day she decided to be a unicorn. ”