How do you eat?

Girl Ninja and I have come to the cruel realization it costs a lot of money to fill our stomachs. The two of us drop about $600/month on groceries and dining out related expenses. While most PF bloggers would be looking for a way to cut that cost in half, we aren’t.

We like cooking new things, we LOVE going out to eat with friends, and we thoroughly enjoy spoiling our high school kids with snacks when they come over a few times a week. If we wanted to cut our food bill in half, something would have to give.

Frick that.

It will be a cold day in hell before I turn down a dinner with great friends just so I can put an extra $30 in savings account.

Since everyone is different (some of you probably spend more, many of you probably spend less), I thought it would be cool if we all posted what the week ahead looked like for our stomachs. College students I imagine have a lot of Starbucks, Mac n Cheese, and PBJ on the menu (I know I did). Business folks who travel probably have a week of restaurants lined up. We’re all different people, in different stages of life.

Here’s snapshot of the Ninja itinerary:

  • Monday: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese (we always try to throw one “cheap” meal in a week). Following this with FroYo with friends.
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti (unfortunately this isn’t cheap since we put a ton of fresh vegetables and ground turkey in the sauce).
  • Wednesday: Shoyu chicken. All sorts of weird ingredients we don’t keep on hand (scallions and ginger), but so delicious.
  • Thursday: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. Made from scratch. Where it lacks in health, it makes up for in deliciousness.
  • Friday: Autumn Salad. Girl Ninja has a salad for each season. I kind of hate having salad be my main course for dinner because I have to eat like 8 plates before I feel full. This salad is freaking bomb dot com though.
  • Saturday and Sunday: No freaking clue. We always leave our meals open on the weekends so we can dine out with friends if possible. Otherwise we typically do fend for yourself type dinners at home (cereal, PBJ, omelette, etc).

So there ya have it, this weeks “meal plan” brought to you by my lovely wife. What are you eating this week?

DC bound

Writing this blog post from the shuttle van that is taking me to the airport. The other people in the van are wondering why I’m on my phone at 5am. They’ll just have to keep on wondering….haha.

I’m on my way to DC for a short business trip through Friday. As I always ask when I travel, I’d love some recommendations on things to see and places to eat. With so much going on in the city, and most of my time taken up by work, I’d love it if you literally just left me your top one or two things. If you tell me 20 things I’ll get overwhelmed and do nothing 😉

I’ll catch up with y’all tomorrow.

***update**** I just volunteered myself for a “bump”. I get in four hours later than planned, but I got a $400 voucher out of the deal.

p.s. I’ve always thought it was weird when people say “Fly safe.” As though I have any control over the matter.

Well that was kind of awesome.

Two days ago I mentioned I was amongst the top ten contenders being considered for the “People’s Choice Award” at this years personal finance bloggers conference. At the time of the post I didn’t stand a chance; I was at the bottom of the list. But guess freaking what!!!!!

WE WON!!!!!!

That’s right peeps, we straight up hijacked the category and I went from 8th place to winner in a little over 24 hours.

After winning I tweeted a very sentimental message.


Seriously though. You guys are pretty awesome for taking the time out of your day to show me some love. I’d say something nice like “I’ll buy you all a round of drinks”, but that would be a lie because a) I am probably never going to meet you AND b) even if we did meet, I’m too cheap to buy you a drink.

On an unrelated note, I found out yesterday that I can give y’all details on our upcoming TV appearance. If you want to see me and Girl Ninja be interviewed on NBC you need to tune in to the Steve Harvey show (I think it’s on same channel as Ellen, just before her show) on Monday at 2pm CT. You’ll have to check your local listings though to make sure of its air time.

I’m pretty nervous to see it. We were on stage for about 35 minutes, but we know the segment is only going to last 12 min. That means they are going to cut out half of what we talked about, and as we are all aware, TV editing can make someone look awesome or like a total douche. Really hoping its more awesome and less douchey but I’ll find out when you guys do.

Anywho, thanks so much for supporting the site and making me feel important. Just when I think about hanging up the towel y’all give me a reason to want to keep writing.

Hugs not drugs,

p.s. my first thought flying in to Denver was “Meh.”


Once we get approval to tell you about the shows air time we will!!!!!!






If you’re like me you have a goal to accumulate some pretty substantial wealth. I had a goal to accumulate $6,000,000 over the course of my lifetime. While that goal is lofty, I don’t think it was completely unreasonable. One thing I never did, however, was ask myself why? Why did I need Six Million Dollars?

Truth is, I didn’t need it. I actually didn’t even plan for it. It just kinda happened. I plugged some numbers in to a Roth IRA and 401K calculator, made some estimations for my investments performance, and BAM there it was, six million. While I don’t know if I will actually reach that number, it’s not unreasonable to predict I will have at least a few million to my name when the Grim Reaper pays me a visit.

It’s one thing to plan on being wealthy, but it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to figuring out what to do with that wealth.

So I asked myself “What am I getting rich for?” Is it so I can buy a $50,000 car every five years? Or so I can have a second house in the mountains when ski season approaches? Or better yet, maybe it’s so I can afford the $30,000 membership fee at the local country club I’ll never play golf at?

Of course I plan to enjoy my later years. I’ll probably take some pretty SWEET vacations, maybe I’ll buy a few man toys (jet ski, snowmobile, or a pet shark), and I’ll definitely upgrade my closet with all Tommy Bahama gear (side note: I love Tommy Bahama, but feel too young to wear it yet). But let me be clear. These are not the reasons I’m accumulating wealth.

When I die, how many people are going to remember how many jet skis I had? Answer: No one! What they will remember is that I donated $100,000 to a Young Life camp. That I paid for my children’s, grandchildren’s, and great grandchildren’s college tuition. That I pulled a “Bill Gates” and donated a ridiculously sizable portion of my net worth to some noble cause or charity. Those are the things that make being wealthy great!

Just to make sure I’m being completely clear, I really only have two purposes for accumulating wealth and they are…

1) To ensure my family is taken care of

2) To give a crap load of that wealth away

Thornton Wilder said it best…

Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around.

So I ask you, what are you getting rich for? What great (or not so great) things do you want to do with your money?

On a plane

Half way home. Enjoy your weekend suckers 🙂

7am PST

That’s when the announcement will be made. Guaranteed or you get your money back.