What’s up everyone! Was your weekend good? Mine sure as heck was. Busy, but fantastic. A week from Wednesday I will be flying back to San Diego again, only this time I get to bring Girl Ninja back to Seattle with me!!!! YEESSSSSS! It’s been three months of living two states away and we are […]

I’m in Diego trick

by Ninja on June 9, 2011 · 11 comments

Got in to San Diego last night to visit with the hottest chick I know, Girl Ninja. We plan to have an awesome weekend. I hope you have an equally awesome couple days. p.s. I have a phone interview today for a job in the private sector. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t have a […]

I hope you’re dumb.

by Ninja on June 8, 2011 · 21 comments

Being dumb is legit. Since home ownership is on the horizon for the Ninja family, I’ve been bouncing my thoughts on the process off of one of my good friends. He knows a ton about the real estate and mortgage industry so I always find myself asking for his two cents. Sometimes our conversations are […]

As you know, Girl Ninja flew up for an interview at a private school in the greater Seattle area last week. She spent a solid three hours at the school teaching a kindergarten math lesson, taking a tour, and doing multiple interviews with both the school’s principal and staff members. I’m stoked to report the […]

Even better

by Ninja on June 3, 2011 · 14 comments

Okay forget Rebecca Black. Tonje has just won my heart with this gem…   “I don’t want to be a crappy housewife!”

It’s Friday!

by Ninja on June 3, 2011 · 6 comments

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0 It’s possible I love this video more than I love unicorns, Roth IRAs, and eating. It will never get old!

And life just keeps getting weirder. I mentioned last month that Girl Ninja has been applying for teaching jobs here in Washington. She went through a phone interview two weeks ago with a private school, and just yesterday heard that they’d like to set up a second job interview. Woohoo!!! In addition to an in […]