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According to reports, this years Super Bowl advertising rates were $4 million for a 30 second commercial. I decided to calculate how much air time I could have bought during last night’s big game, using the gains from this moths net worth increase. The result… 0.05 seconds. That’s less than half the length of time […]

I’m including a unicorn in every NW update from now on Happy Net Year. No that’s not a typo, just my lame attempt at making a terrible joke. While December is typically a very expensive month for households, we managed to make some serious gains and push our net worth up five figures last month. […]

Net Worth: December 2012

December 6, 2012 · 8 comments

I’m including a unicorn in every NW update from now on Tis the season to update my freaking net worth! My love for the Christmas season is a lot like diarrhea… I just can’t hold it in. I’m actually rocking out to N’Sync Christmas as I type this. Sure, this is one of the more […]

I’m including a unicorn in every NW update from now on Is it November already? Seriously. when did that happen? I swear Y2K was just last week. We did something exciting last week and opened up a new account (see below for more details), but other than that October was a terribly boring month for […]

As I logged in to Mint to give the ‘ol bank accounts a quick check, I realized something. Girl Ninja and I can pay cash for virtually anything we could ever want (excluding a house). Too be honest, it’s kind of humbling. I don’t feel like we can buy a 2013 Porsche Cayenne, but the […]

Last month was the first time I had ever skipped a Net Worth update (not that I think many of you care). Taking MANteresting out of Beta gobbled up just about every spare minute of free time I had. I’d like to pretend that things have slowed down a bit since launch, but they haven’t. I […]

Summer is typically the most expensive season for us. It probably is for you as well. What is it about the sunshine and heat that just makes people want to spend more? Fortunately, we haven’t done anything too crazy (no expensive summer getaways) so we’re still moving that NW graph in the positive direction. Let’s see […]