Money Management

As much as I’d like to think only good things about customers of Bank of America (since some of you may fall in to that category), I’m seriously beginning to doubt their intelligence. I’m sure you’ve already heard the latest on why Bank of America sucks, but I couldn’t help but share my two cents […]

Keeping tabs

by Ninja on August 3, 2011 · 28 comments

I’m one week away from celebrating a successful first year of marriage and am pretty excited about it. I like to think I’m a pretty great husband. I also like to think I’m a pretty good money manager. But, and this is a BIG but, I’ve completely dropped the ball in a major way. If […]

Are you tracking?

by Ninja on June 13, 2011 · 32 comments

You know you’ve reached the upper echelon of financial geekdom when you take time each month to track your spending with personal finance software like Quicken, Mint, or an Excel spreadsheet. I personally am a Quicken user, but it hasn’t always been this way. I began my financial make-over in early 2008. I had $28,000 […]

Cash be flowin’

by Ninja on March 9, 2011 · 26 comments

Living 1.300 miles from Girl Ninja is no fun. It’s only been a few days, but I’m already missing her like crazy. We aren’t fans of the long-distance relationship, but we’ll make it work. Although our situation is not ideal for marriage, it comes with one major perk: Some serious positive cash flow. We’ve always […]

Dollar bills are my enemy

by Ninja on February 24, 2011 · 36 comments

Have you heard Dave Ramsey ever say people tend to spend more when they use a credit card as opposed to cash? Well I think Dave is a cotton headed ninny muggins (whatever that means). Declaring that people suddenly become irresponsible when using plastic as a medium for payment is no more ridiculous than Al […]

If you read other PF blogs, which I hope you do, I’m sure you’ve seen various bloggers participate in no spend challenges. These challenges come in all shapes and sizes, but the general premise is pretty simple; Don’t spend you’re money on frivolous things. No Starbucks. No dining out. No clothes, movies, or gadgets. At […]

The other day I made, what I thought was, a rather harmless quip about the female menstrual cycle. Apparently not everyone appreciated the analogy as a handful of female readers called me sexist and chauvinistic. If you were one of the offended parties, please accept my apology; I meant no harm. That said, I would […]