A day late… $15,000 short.

by Ninja on December 11, 2012 · 14 comments

At the beginning of each calendar year I like to make some financial projections for our household. I’ve done it for the last four years and we’ve always not only met our goals, but absolutely destroyed them. It’s pretty stupid when you reach your 12 month goal in seven months. That doesn’t mean that I’m awesome, it […]

Brace yourselves. Another blog post about MANteresting. Over the last six months we have had one specific individual reach out to us multiple times. He wants to join the team and has expressed interest in growing our site and giving us money to help make that happen. Jesse and I have always politely declined his […]

Jesse and I haven’t gone to bed before 4am this last week. It’s been a long, but good, seven days. Late today MANteresting 2.0 launches. Everything, from our code to our servers and our layout to our design, is completely new. We didn’t just redecorate a few bedrooms in our house. No. We blew the mother lover […]

I’m with you in spirit.

by Ninja on September 19, 2012 · 6 comments

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. We are about ten days away from releasing MANteresting 2.0. Jesse and I have been slaving away, rebuilding the site from the ground up. We launched back in February, and while we knew we had a good idea, we didn’t quite realize just how quickly things would pick […]

As most of you know, my business partner Jesse and I launched a visual bookmarking website for guys, MANteresting, back in February. Aside from a few casual references sprinkled throughout some recent blog posts, I haven’t really talked much about it. Today I thought I’d give you a little insight in to how our first four […]

My life as of late.

by Ninja on April 25, 2012 · 15 comments

I hate when people talk about how busy they are, as if they are the only people with who have things going on and should receive some sort of award for pressing on. They say “I’m so busy” but I hear “I can’t prioritize my life and it totally stresses me out.” If you’ve been […]

Exactly one month ago, Jesse and I launched MANteresting. While we believed in the potential behind the site, we weren’t sure others saw the same. Launch day (Feb 16th) was awesome. You guys helped us hit 5,000 unique visits on our very first day by spreading the word on FB and Twitter. Our stats tapered […]