Do you upgrade?

by Ninja on June 2, 2010 · 30 comments

As I type this post, I’m sitting amongst the lowest of the low. The scum of the earth. The outcasts. That’s right. I’m flying coach. Gasp! Let’s be real, flying first class is pretty awesome. Not only do they enjoy a couple of inches of extra legroom, but they also have the luxury of having […]

Ungrateful Ninja…

by Ninja on May 28, 2010 · 13 comments

I went out to dinner with some friends the other night. Yeah, believe it or not, I actually have friends! One of them is a pretty consistent reader/commenter here on PDITF (shout out to MattyIce). We were talking about some of my recent blog posts when he said, “Ninja, you are sooo good looking and […]

Gentlemen, I have some words of wisdom to share with you: Pick and chose your battles wisely. I am no relationship expert, but I have definitely learned a few things. Particularly, when to wave the white flag and admit defeat. Getting married is a pretty humbling experience. I am constantly reminded that life is not […]

I’m a total networking whore. Something about meeting new people is exciting to me. I’ve never been a shy person, but recently I’ve been shamelessly whoring myself out to just about everyone I know. As you’re all aware, Girl Ninja and myself are about to start apartment hunting for our first place. It’s really exciting, […]

Funny Money Habits

by Ninja on April 9, 2010 · 46 comments

So I’m kind of weird. Scratch that. I’m really weird. Actually, I’m willing to bet you are just as weird as I am. Why am I weird you ask? Well, I’ve realized I have some awkward money habits that I thought you all might enjoy hearing about… Tipping on a credit card. Whenever Girl Ninja […]

Are you sick and tired of me blogging about my relationship with Girl Ninja yet? If so, don’t worry there is a $100 giveaway included with this post and if you read on you can figure out how to enter. Anyways, I wanted to take a little time today to write about how Girl Ninja […]

I suck(ed) at life

by Ninja on March 15, 2010 · 11 comments

After I graduated college, I had to face reality. The days of part-time jobs, bunk beds, and sleeping until noon were a thing of the past. It was time to figure out my life. Only problem was, I didn’t know a thing about the “real” world. So I did what I thought was most logical […]