Ungrateful Ninja…

by Ninja on May 28, 2010 · 13 comments

I went out to dinner with some friends the other night. Yeah, believe it or not, I actually have friends! One of them is a pretty consistent reader/commenter here on PDITF (shout out to MattyIce). We were talking about some of my recent blog posts when he said, “Ninja, you are sooo good looking and […]

Gentlemen, I have some words of wisdom to share with you: Pick and chose your battles wisely. I am no relationship expert, but I have definitely learned a few things. Particularly, when to wave the white flag and admit defeat. Getting married is a pretty humbling experience. I am constantly reminded that life is not […]

I’m a total networking whore. Something about meeting new people is exciting to me. I’ve never been a shy person, but recently I’ve been shamelessly whoring myself out to just about everyone I know. As you’re all aware, Girl Ninja and myself are about to start apartment hunting for our first place. It’s really exciting, […]

Funny Money Habits

by Ninja on April 9, 2010 · 46 comments

So I’m kind of weird. Scratch that. I’m really weird. Actually, I’m willing to bet you are just as weird as I am. Why am I weird you ask? Well, I’ve realized I have some awkward money habits that I thought you all might enjoy hearing about… Tipping on a credit card. Whenever Girl Ninja […]

Are you sick and tired of me blogging about my relationship with Girl Ninja yet? If so, don’t worry there is a $100 giveaway included with this post and if you read on you can figure out how to enter. Anyways, I wanted to take a little time today to write about how Girl Ninja […]

I suck(ed) at life

by Ninja on March 15, 2010 · 11 comments

After I graduated college, I had to face reality. The days of part-time jobs, bunk beds, and sleeping until noon were a thing of the past. It was time to figure out my life. Only problem was, I didn’t know a thing about the “real” world. So I did what I thought was most logical […]

Are you an account whore?

by Ninja on March 10, 2010 · 24 comments

So the motivation for this post came from J’s post yesterday about about ING’s sub-accounts. I am a very happy customer of ING, especially after switching from evil Bank of America.  I shamelessly promote ING to anyone that asks where they should keep their money. You’d think ING was paying me to say all these […]