I am literally curled up under a blanket right now in the back of my SUV with Girl Ninja (we are camping). It’s 5:33 am and for some reason I’ve been up for 45min. Part of me thinks my lack of sleep is inversely correlated to the excessive amount of mosquito bites I have on […]

We bought a house! Ha, yeah right, but as I see those interest rates continue to creep lower, the PF nerd in me says “Now, Ninja. Now!” Two years ago people were saying the market had bottomed, but here we are with sub 4% interest rates. Who woulda thunk it? While I’ve shared many times […]

Income property

June 11, 2012 · 17 comments

So I like the idea of an income property. I am definitely not as bold as some personal finance bloggers who own two or three different residences, rent them out, and turn a nice little profit. That takes some serious cajones. I am far to risk averse and hate debt way too much to take […]

If you’ve been around the PF block a time or two, you’ve inevitably ran in to an article about Buying vs. Renting. It’s like a right of passage as a personal finance blogger. Today, however, I don’t so much want to compare renting to buying as they both have obvious pros and cons. Instead, I’m […]

I was watching House Hunters yesterday and it featured a couple that was looking to buy in the greater Seattle area. The couple had recently moved from Texas and their goals was to buy a house within 45 days of arriving. I like House Hunters, but I hated that couple. Multiple times during the episode […]

The wifey and I spent our Sunday at church with some friends, followed it up with a nice little lunch at a local sandwich joint, and then spent the next three-ish hours losing our open house virginity to the city of Seattle. Thought I’d share with you today a little bit of my experience, but […]

No this isn’t the typical “how much house can you afford” personal finance post. When I ask “How much house should one buy”, I’m not talking about price. I’m talking about space. After spending some time in Germany and Korea, it’s interesting (and kind of depressing) to think about how big American homes are. Don’t get me wrong, […]