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Bring it on haterz

by Ninja on November 3, 2009 · 21 comments

I still stand by my statement the other day “Personal finance bloggers are a pretty tolerant bunch.” That said, after Dr. Faith shared with me the comments on this Give Me Back My Five Bucks article, I’m learning that personal finance readers, may not be. Krystal bought a new car for $30k and received a […]

Who invented babies

by Ninja on October 22, 2009 · 7 comments

Seriously who invented babies, or better yet, who invented the desire to have babies? A while back I wrote an article about the cost of having a kid. Recently, Budgets are Sexy posted up a little article, discussing children becoming a part of his future. The article reminded me of a conversation I had with […]

Mini Fridge Hell

by Ninja on October 6, 2009 · 12 comments

I now can say I have experienced a little taste of hell. As you all are aware, I am currently on a business trip on a very tiny island in far east Asia. I have blogged a few times about my food setbacks when I wrote about packing a lunch and how awkward eating out alone can […]

Check it out. Say you are in the market for a really nice flat screen TV (I’m not). You have been saving for the TV for quite some time and have narrowed it down to the exact model you want. You know it’s gonna cost you $3,000 and you think you got everything all figured […]

Where are you holding back?

by Ninja on September 15, 2009 · 10 comments

There are some things that we want and other things we need. Water is something I need, Dr. Pepper is something I want. Food is something I need, a burrito is something I want. You get the point right? Just because we want something, doesn’t mean we HAVE to have it. I actually wrote on […]

Seriously. I have never really put much thought in to how much money I should be consistently keeping in my checking account. If you follow my net worth updates, than you’ll notice I have mentioned trying to keep about $1,000 in this account at any given time. Ask me where I came up with the […]

Kwajilein here I come!!!

by Ninja on August 19, 2009 · 18 comments

If you’re like me, you’re scratching you’re head and thinking WTF. Well mi amigos, apparently Kwajilein is one of the freakin’ small islands within the Marshall Islands. Again, if you’re like me you’re wondering “Where the heck are the Marshall Islands?” A quick geography lesson shows that they are located between Hawaii and Australia. Check […]