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We bought a house! Ha, yeah right, but as I see those interest rates continue to creep lower, the PF nerd in me says “Now, Ninja. Now!” Two years ago people were saying the market had bottomed, but here we are with sub 4% interest rates. Who woulda thunk it? While I’ve shared many times […]

One of my buddies, who works in finance for a major bank, told me he recently attended a small group with a few of his good friends from college. During the small group, one of the members began reflecting on his life. He has a good job. He and his wife bought a house in […]

Am I a thief?

by Ninja on May 28, 2012 · 17 comments

So I was introduced to a super fun new backyard game called Kan Jam a few weeks back. It’s a four person frisbee game that kept me and my friends entertained for hours. Instead of explain to you how the game works, here is a nifty little tutorial… So you basically throw a frisbee towards […]

Work longer, make more.

by Ninja on April 9, 2012 · 40 comments

Walk in to your bosses office right now (I’m assuming you are reading this while on the clock, am I right?) and demand a raise. See what happens. You’ll either get fired, or at the very least laughed at. Unless you work on a commissioned base pay system, truth is you probably don’t have much influence over […]

I honestly believe I have the most engaged readership of any personal finance blog out there. I mean, I write a silly blog post about tax deductions and it gets over 70 comments. It’s insane. It makes me happy. And it makes me want to keep writing. Sometimes I sit back and think to myself, […]

I’ve been tracking the delivery of my iPhone 4s like a hawk. In fact, it should be getting dropped off at my door in the next few hours. I’ve been rockin’ the iPhone 3G like a boss for over three years now — longest I’ve ever had one phone — and it’s time for an […]

Over the last two and a half years, I’ve written nearly 700 posts. That’s a lot of blabbering if you ask me. I know I’m not interesting enough to deserve the awesome community that Punch Debt In The Face has built. I am only one person, with one opinion, and one story. As much as […]