So last night after youth group, Girl Ninja took a bunch of her high school girls Flocking. What’s flocking you ask? Well, let me tell you. We  take about 25 of those stupid Flamingo Yard Ornaments (the ones that old people tend to have in front of their mobile homes) and put them in an unsuspecting […]

Girl Ninja and I were at Young Life (a quasi youth group) last night with our high schoolers and we made an impromptu trip to Dairy Queen with some of them afterwards. As we walked in we were welcomed to the most glorious news ever, “Blizzards were buy one get the second for $0.99.” Are […]

First off, thanks for helping me host an awesome conversation yesterday about charitable gifts and taxes. Y’all were polite and cool-headed, even if you didn’t necessarily agree with the person that commented above or below you. Well played everyone, well played indeed. Anywhoozle, yesterday a reader suggested that anyone who lists charitable gifts on their […]

So information about Mit Romney’s tax return came out a couple of days ago and not surprisingly, the dude is freakin’ loaded. He made over $20,000,000 a year in 2010 and 2011. Most news stories I read seemed to only care about one thing, his effective tax rate of 15%. Although I don’t like to […]

Real or fake.

December 7, 2011 · 37 comments

Remember how I vented about my frustrations with retail stores jumping the gun on Christmas 2011? Costco had decorations up before Halloween. It was craziness and I wanted no part of it. But now, Thanksgiving has past, and it is completely appropriate to go bananas for Christmas time. Being out-of-town the last two weeks put […]

How do you give?

October 26, 2011 · 28 comments

I’ve come a long way in regards to my stance on giving over the last few years. Girl Ninja has a generous heart, I have a frugal one. She frequently reminds me there are only four things we can do with money. Make it. Spend it. Save/Invest it. Give it. It’s the fourth point I […]

Ask and you shall receive. That’s our new motto anways. Two years ago Girl Ninja and I had to do one of the hardest things we’ve ever done; Ask our friends/family for money. We volunteer for a high school ministry here in San Diego called Young Life. Most of the kids we’ve gotten to know […]