Girl Ninja

WOW Drama….

July 13, 2011 · 21 comments

How exciting was yesterday?! Lots of hot comments.  I do have to say, I did kind of love the way everyone stood up for me.  Being married to a PF blogger, I understand that our financial life is an open book to all of you.  Therefore, our different view on finances will often come up. […]

Paying to Work

July 11, 2011 · 23 comments

I love what I do – but it is kind of a love-hate relationship with teaching.  I just finished my first year as a contracted teacher and it was a rollercoaster.  There are some things about my work that some people just don’t understand…Ninja especially. My job costs money.  Like really, lots of it.  The […]

First off…thank you for proving me the better blogging half (big thanks to Bruce Bucks, I loved the dedication) by now having the most commented PDITF post of all time. Second…Happy Fourth of July… two days late. Third…now I can properly begin. The other day, Ninja and I went to the greatest store on Earth, […]

Hello Blogging World. Girl Ninja in the house. Today marks the beginning of my new employment.  Ninja has graciously hired me as Punch Debt In The Face’s first employee.  I’m stating it in the beginning, all income I generate goes directly to my savings account Nordstrom spending account.  Thank you in advance. In all seriousness, […]