Presale Paradise

It has come a little late…but wait no longer.  Moving is BUSY, and I have a sick Ninja at home (no post from him today) so I am finally getting to sit down and share my treasures from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  

The presale appointment for my mom, sister and me was set at 10 am.  We walked out the doors at 2:20.  It’s a little shocking to realize we spent 4 hours and 20 minutes (with a  squeezed in refuel at the Nordstrom Cafe…fav lunch place) in the store, but we left with some great finds.

I was able to get Ninja to document them…he’s a trooper even when he is sick (quite a sight to see too…he walks around the house with tissue stuck in each nostril, you learn so much when you’re married). 

This was one of my favorites.  Splurge for sure($80), but I still saved $40 from the original price.  Once I put it on, I knew I wasn’t leaving the store without it.  I’ll probably wear it with a more neutral color tank underneath…we’ll see.

(obviously wasn’t ready for this photo haha)

Two of my sisters and I got this Caslon sweater.  So cozy, and winter white cute.  Best part? Only $44 instead of $68.

I love NORTHFACE. This will be the perfect jacket for those rainy days to work. No hood, but that just means an umbrella is the perfect match. This was the most expensive purchase, but you know its going to be a long-lived item from a brand like North Face. Damage: $133 (normally $179). And I might add that Ninja loved this one because a rain coat was on my “needs” list.

Word on the street is that fur is in.  I’m not loving the white under this vest, but it’s what I can find in my tornado of a closet during moving week.  It’s by Hinge, the tag says “Designed in Seattle”….it must be my welcome home gift.  

I also got a cute tank top with buttons and lace to wear under cardigans to work- but I got tired of trying clothes on.  Ninja was in a little bit of Nordstrom shock realizing the cost of some clothing items (I stayed within budget though).  So, I decided to blow him away showing him I know how to shop a deal when I see one.  Two new pairs of shoes for under $25…TOTAL (black were $9.98 and brown were $12.98).  I know they are Target, but when they are that cheap, you just can’t say no.  Plus, they aren’t an everyday item so they won’t get worn down quickly. 

There’s a little sneak peak to my latest shopping finds.   Ninja home #2 is getting closer to completion, but we need a Hawaii trip first.   After that we’ll take you on a tour. 

WOW Drama….

How exciting was yesterday?! Lots of hot comments.  I do have to say, I did kind of love the way everyone stood up for me. 

Being married to a PF blogger, I understand that our financial life is an open book to all of you.  Therefore, our different view on finances will often come up.  To get things straight, I didn’t marry myself…and I am so thankful for that.  Ninja and I are different people, and we have different views. One viewpoint is not better than the other. Through our differences, I am able to learn so much.  This is coming from the girl who only saved after I had boughten my needs/wants for the month. Thanks to Ninja, I learned the importance of paying yourself first…yes, even before shopping. Along with learning new things about PF, I am also challenged – as illustrated by our conversation about the presale. I don’t want to be stubborn, never questioning (or bettering) the way I do things.  Ninja challenges me in a usually healthy way.

During our finance fued, my first thoughts were very similar to some of yours:

  • I work too
  • I have good judgement
  • I did fine with money before we got married (I saved myself a very comfy decorating budget the 8 months prior to combining finances 🙂 )
  • I don’t need rules and regulations.  

Did you notice how many I’s there are? As we took a break from our discussion (My hair desperately needed to be blow-dried), I had that gentle reminder that it’s not all about me.  We got married, and I promised to put the needs of NInja above my own.  Helping him provide for our household, helping him handle our finances in a way that it is responsible, and being a steward of all we have been given, is the kind of wife I want to be. Having that realization, subsided all my selfish “I deserve more” thoughts, and allowed me to come to work towards a mutual compromise.

With a better perspective, I could affirm to Ninja that I want him to feel comfortable with my spending.  I was able to understand that money spent shopping means money not put in savings.  He was able to realize that his initial communication WAS a little overbearing, and he has to be careful with how he talks with me.  As we talked it through, we fought for a solution that was less about us as individuals and more about us as a couple.  

And did you notice, it got me $100 more in my spending budget!? Yay, for compromise 🙂 I have one good husband and am so thankful.  We have different commitment levels to our savings – so what? We find a way towards a middle ground, we learn a little lesson in selflessness, and we thank the Lord that He is walking with us through it all.

I’m writing all this, and being raw with you, in hopes that you don’t feel sorry for me, or worry about our financial choices.  Married 11 months, we are still ironing out details, still learning together, and you, readers, are invited along for the ride 🙂

P.S. Nordstrom Pre-Sale Day= AMAZING.  I”ll be sharing my finds soon….


Paying to Work

I love what I do – but it is kind of a love-hate relationship with teaching.  I just finished my first year as a contracted teacher and it was a rollercoaster.  There are some things about my work that some people just don’t understand…Ninja especially.

My job costs money.  Like really, lots of it.  The costs are not ALWAYS necessary, but definitely worth each penny.  It’s a job of many titles when you teach kindergarten.  You are nanny, custodian, counselor, mommy, interior classroom designer, researcher, and of course, teacher.  I found that spending money on certain things helped with my organization, shortened certain tasks, and just made things easier.  Unfortunately, these things cost money.

In my eyes, the benefits outweigh the cost.  Ninja, on the other hand didn’t (and still doesn’t) always understand how a job can actually cost us money.  Simple things like a headphones for the computers, a book stand for my library, or even a GLADE scent plug-in made HUGE differences. Each purchase either solved a problem or made me more efficient.  Dividing my list of things to buy into “have to haves” and “wishes” and knocking out small things one at a time is our perfect compromise.

Now, starting a new school year…after a 1,200 mile move mind you…I’m on the hunt for filling my new classroom and making it ready for the 20 little crazys I will get to meet soon. Craigseasy, Pinterest, eBay, and Sunday paper ads are my new addictions.  Bookcases, rugs, books, folders, pencil boxes, bulletin boards, chart stands…the list goes ON and ON and ON.  BUT, being married to a budget nazi, I have found a need to compromise.  There are things that I want, but understand how backwards it is to pay out my pocket for my job and therefore I carefully pick out things that are worth paying for and then find them on sale.

As I’m reminded everyday, communication and compromise are the ingredients for a successful marriage.

Does your job cost you money? How much would you be willing to pay for work?  Am I crazy for doing what I do? How do you decide what to buy and what to keep wishing for?

Shopping with Girl Ninja

First off…thank you for proving me the better blogging half (big thanks to Bruce Bucks, I loved the dedication) by now having the most commented PDITF post of all time. Second…Happy Fourth of July… two days late. Third…now I can properly begin.

The other day, Ninja and I went to the greatest store on Earth, Nordstrom. As I shopped around, I was trying to conjure up some good arguments I could use to justify my upcoming purchases. It got me thinking…if I shop right, my money can get me more than just the item itself. I knew this was one argument Ninja couldn’t trump. Let me explain.

Example 1: Customer Service

I have had my eyes on a pair of shoes for a while, but haven’t seen them at any Seattle stores. Upon talking with the salesperson, within 4 minutes, I had a pair of the shoes I wanted in a different color to ensure I knew my size, as well as an IPad in hand to scan through my color options. It gets better. MY shoes, in MY size in MY color choice (which aren’t in any stores nearby) are being shipped right to my doorstep, free of any shipping charges. .

Nordstrom’s customer service is no joke. I love them.

Example 2: Quality

Everyone loves a sale, a good deal, or even a knock-off here or there.  BUT, I am a victim of Target fever.  Love their clothes when I try them on in the store, love their price, love the outfit….the first few times I wear it. Then, seasons change, and suddenly it’s color is a little more faded, a few threads are popping out, and the shape didn’t hold up in the wash.  It is now well on it’s way out of my closet, and I’m on my way back to the mall.  I have learned my lesson, spending more is not always a bad thing.

Example 3: Life span

WIn my car right now, I have 5 pairs of sunglasses.  Not all are wearable, and most have scratches, are stretched, or are even broken.  I’ve always been an advocate of $10 sunglasses as they typically break right when I’m getting bored with them, leaving me with a great reason to buy a new pair.  BUT, my plan was not as awesome as I thought.  It’s not easy to always find sunglasses I love. Enter, Ninja.  On our San Fran trip, he convinced me to pay more (surprising, right?!), to get more.  I bit the bullet and bought expensive sunglasses that I LOVE.

I keep them safe in a case, I wear them ALL the time, and I have no doubt these will have a longer life span than any other $10 pair I’ve bought before.  No more “throw away” glasses for this girl.

Example 4: Give Back

There are some awesome companies out there that sell items that give back.  For every pair of TOMS shoes sold, a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need.  When Ninja bought me a Krochet Kids beanie (he’s preparing me for a transition from SD winter to Seattle winter), his money went to support a company that empowers African women to become small business owners and change their community.  I love to give, and how cool is it that there are ways to give with cash I would have spent anyways?!?!

Sometimes, Ninja’s frugality gets the best of him (and me too), but hopefully this post will serve as a reminder that value trumps price.  What do you spend more on? Do you know any awesome companies that give back with their proceeds? What are your feelings about stores that sell cheap things (price and quality) AKA Forever 21?

Say hello to my little friend…

Hello Blogging World. Girl Ninja in the house.

Today marks the beginning of my new employment.  Ninja has graciously hired me as Punch Debt In The Face’s first employee.  I’m stating it in the beginning, all income I generate goes directly to my savings account Nordstrom spending account.  Thank you in advance.

In all seriousness, Ninja has begged me to be a staff writer for the summer while I’m on break. I’m not exactly excited about being titled a “blogger” (I still think Ninja is a bit dorky for being one), but after months of begging, I finally gave in and decided I could donate some time and give my two cents on living in the Ninja household.  In addition to Ninja’s daily posts, I will be trying to write about twice a week.

I’ll be looking for some good inspiration in these posts, so please feel free to question away for topics and areas of interest.  Ninja is sitting next to me trying to tell me what to write…and I’ll tell you this now, that’s not how it’s goin’ down. It will be uncensored Girl Ninja opinion in all my posts 🙂 You may hear my take on shopping, decorating, moving, teaching, and even the exciting life of being married to a debt-punching ninja.

So here goes….we’ll start it off with a little friendly competition. Ninja just showed me his “105 comments” blog post. Can we beat him?!  Share the love please!