forward thinking

I’m doing everything I can to ensure Girl Ninja and I are well taken care of, not just in retirement, but throughout our entire life. I know if I work hard, spend diligently, and save consistently, we can live a comfortable life. Heck, we might even end up being rich. Funny thing is, being rich […]

I’m writing this blog post on my three and a half year old laptop, listening to music on my two and a half year year old phone. Both devices are Apple products. Both devices had a warranty. Warranties that cost me a pretty penny ($160 for my laptop and $99 for the phone). I can’t […]

I’m unpopular

January 18, 2011 · 60 comments

As you all know, Girl Ninja and I spent an epic weekend playing tourist in San Francisco (I’ll be posting about the trip tomorrow). You also know we’ve been wrestling with a major life decision. You can read about this decision here and here. In my last plea for help, 88 of you commented on […]

Spending time in Seattle over the winter break, was a subtle reminder that Girl Ninja and I could be in need of a new car sooner than we anticipated. We were up north for 10 days, one of which it snowed. We borrowed Girl Ninja’s mom’s car to visit a friend for coffee that morning. Fortunately, […]

Just a few weeks ago I opened the floor up for discussion regarding short to mid term investing strategies. I didn’t really know where I should be putting our extra savings. I was thinking I could put some in the bank, some in bonds, some in stocks, and invest the rest in this guy… Many […]

I don’t want to send a wave of panic throughout the PF blogoshere, but I have some very important news to share, Christmas is 32 days away. Yes, 32 days. That means you have 31 days to buy, make, or steal some presents for those that you have to want to get gifts. Over the […]

Marriage is an interesting dynamic. Gone are the days of staying up late while watching stupid YouTube videos, or eating spaghetti and a bowl of cereal for dinner. When I signed up for wedded bliss, I knew I’d be taking on some new responsibilities, one of which involves providing for Girl Ninja. I’ve done a […]