forward thinking

Spending time in Seattle over the winter break, was a subtle reminder that Girl Ninja and I could be in need of a new car sooner than we anticipated. We were up north for 10 days, one of which it snowed. We borrowed Girl Ninja’s mom’s car to visit a friend for coffee that morning. Fortunately, […]

Just a few weeks ago I opened the floor up for discussion regarding short to mid term investing strategies. I didn’t really know where I should be putting our extra savings. I was thinking I could put some in the bank, some in bonds, some in stocks, and invest the rest in this guy… Many […]

I don’t want to send a wave of panic throughout the PF blogoshere, but I have some very important news to share, Christmas is 32 days away. Yes, 32 days. That means you have 31 days to buy, make, or steal some presents for those that you have to want to get gifts. Over the […]

Marriage is an interesting dynamic. Gone are the days of staying up late while watching stupid YouTube videos, or eating spaghetti and a bowl of cereal for dinner. When I signed up for wedded bliss, I knew I’d be taking on some new responsibilities, one of which involves providing for Girl Ninja. I’ve done a […]

Life is funny. Actually, scratch that. People are funny. And by funny, I mean annoying. I swear if I hear another person say “When will you have kids” I’m gonna punch this puppy in the face…. Seriously people, I’ve been married less than two months. Give me some room to breath. Can I enjoy the […]

I had no idea.

September 28, 2010 · 49 comments

Wife Ninja is a freakin’ bed hog. Like out of control, bed hog. She takes up all of her side and at least 80% of mine. Oh and did I mention we sleep on a full size mattress? I can’t wait to get my hands on a bigger mattress. At least a queen and maybe […]

Setting the bar… low

September 13, 2010 · 15 comments

I’m not sure if I have incredibly low standards for myself, or if I am just freakin’ awesome. It’s quite possible, it’s a little bit of both. On January 1st each year, I make predictions as to what I think my financial progress will be over the calendar year. I also like to check in […]