forward thinking

Our landlord, the one who lives directly below us, has a two month old daughter. He also has a longstanding tradition of going on a date night with his wife every Wednesday. As you can imagine, their last few months have been crazy busy and they haven’t had much time to get away. Girl Ninja […]

Yes. I said it. Graduate school is overrated. Every once in a while I get asked if I’ve ever thought about going back to school. My response has consistently been “HECK NO.” Am I the only person that thinks 99% of graduate students are either A) taking classes simply because school is all they’ve ever […]

Como estas debt punchers?! I spend a good chunk of my work day driving and there is one particular radio show I listen to where the host ends every show with the tag line “Today is the youngest you are going to be for the rest of your life, act like it.” I get warm […]

Being Wealthy Scares Me

by Ninja on March 2, 2011 · 71 comments

I’m doing everything I can to ensure Girl Ninja and I are well taken care of, not just in retirement, but throughout our entire life. I know if I work hard, spend diligently, and save consistently, we can live a comfortable life. Heck, we might even end up being rich. Funny thing is, being rich […]

I’m writing this blog post on my three and a half year old laptop, listening to music on my two and a half year year old phone. Both devices are Apple products. Both devices had a warranty. Warranties that cost me a pretty penny ($160 for my laptop and $99 for the phone). I can’t […]

I’m unpopular

by Ninja on January 18, 2011 · 60 comments

As you all know, Girl Ninja and I spent an epic weekend playing tourist in San Francisco (I’ll be posting about the trip tomorrow). You also know we’ve been wrestling with a major life decision. You can read about this decision here and here. In my last plea for help, 88 of you commented on […]

Spending time in Seattle over the winter break, was a subtle reminder that Girl Ninja and I could be in need of a new car sooner than we anticipated. We were up north for 10 days, one of which it snowed. We borrowed Girl Ninja’s mom’s car to visit a friend for coffee that morning. Fortunately, […]