forward thinking

One of my buddies, who works in finance for a major bank, told me he recently attended a small group with a few of his good friends from college. During the small group, one of the members began reflecting on his life. He has a good job. He and his wife bought a house in […]

After my most recent Net Worth update, where I showed some serious losses in the stock market last month, a reader shot me the following email… As someone who calculates his net worth and asset changes on a monthly basis, I am wondering how you personally react to wild market changes such as what has […]

  I was checking my twitter stream yesterday when I stumbled on an article by my girl Sandy titled “I Bought A Rental Home With My 401K“. If you’re too lazy to click-through and read the article the gist is Sandy took out a $40,000 401K loan to pay cash on a $38,000 investment property […]

Two thousand eleven was a great year for Punch Debt In The Face. I broke all sorts of traffic records, was fortunate enough to be featured in some pretty stellar articles, and was even able to turn $100 of expenses in to a $13,000 business. Not a bad return on investment eh? This year, however, […]

I’ve asked the question before “What would you do if you got fired tomorrow?“. Most of you responded with some lame answer like “I’d go get a job doing exactly what I’m already doing, just with a different company.”  That’s the most boring response ever. If I wanted my blog to be boring I would […]

Is this real life?

March 14, 2012 · 20 comments

You know the popular YouTube video “David after Dentist“? The one with the kid that is so drugged up from the dentist that he has no idea what is going on and in a fit of confusion asks “Is this real life?” Well that’s exactly how I feel right now. MANteresting has turned in to […]

There are (at least) three things I know I want in my life, but am in no way, shape, or form currently ready for. They probably wont be a shock to you. It’s still funny, though, to think about things you want so bad, but know you aren’t ready for. Guess it’s kinda like wanting […]