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Acquiring financing in these tumultuous times is probably the freakin’ scariest aspect of purchasing a home, or at least it will be for this Debt Ninja. If you are looking for financing or refinancing for your home, whether looking at an FHA mortgage, jumbo mortgage, VA mortgage, or a reverse mortgage, make sure to research […]

So I’m a little weird and have a slight obsession with HGTV. I’m not particularly fond of the decorating shows, but when it comes to shows on the home buying process I’m pretty much an addict. I was watching “My house is worth what?” last night when I had an epiphany: I don’t want my […]

Howdy doody debt punchers. Today I pose a question. At what age do you anticipate reaching your peak income? I have read quite a few personal finance books that discuss income trends of individuals over their lifetime. The graphs usually show a persons income peaking by their late 30’s. I got to thinking “When do […]

Just about every personal finance blogger has wrote about the importance of an emergency fund. I lost my E-fund blogging virginity back in April, but I can’t help but revisit the issue…this time, with a twist I’ll start with the Ninja definition of what exactly an E-fund is…Emergency Fund: A dedicated saving plan to cover […]

Pardon my lame attempt at a play on words, but I’m a big fan of making and meeting personal goals. I set up some basic financial goals on January 1st this year. If you haven’t checked out my budget yet, I encourage you to do so. I put my goals in my budget and at […]

*please excuse my poor grammar in the baby text bubble…im an idiot* Let’s get pregnant, everyone is doing it. Pregnancy is the new pink. It appears the fall must be a good time to get to baby making because a lot of my facebook friends will be poppin’ out “little ones” this summer. Looking at […]

Como estas debt punchers?! I’m going to be out of town from 05/04 through 05/08. I gots myself a business meeting to attend all week and I’m 99.9% sure the internet in the hotel we are staying in costs a pretty penny so I won’t be forking out the change for it. I am hoping […]