You know the old saying, “You don’t know where you’re going, unless you know where you’ve been”? I’ve concluded whoever came up with that phrase must have been drunk, or high, or drunk and high. If you look at my career progression, I don’t think anyone would have guessed I’d be where I am today. […]

Miserable March

March 7, 2013 · 40 comments

For those of us that get paid every two weeks, we face a battle of epic proportions. Managing a budget is no easy task, especially when all months AREN’T created equal. Ten months a year we might bring home $4,000, but two months of the year we bring home $6,000. Why must such cruel things […]

Girl Ninja is in her second year of teaching private school. She loves it. The parents are more involved. The administration is uber-supportive. And she has 22 kids in her class instead of 30. There are really only two downsides to her teaching at a private school. 1. The benefits are worse. She only gets […]

I’m still trying to get my hands on a copy of our appearance on the Steve Harvey show (apparently the producers don’t email back after they’re “finished” with you). We were on stage being interviewed for about 35 minutes. The segment, however, was only 12 minutes long. They had to cut out over 50% of […]

Validate me… NOW!!!!

September 4, 2012 · 11 comments

I used to race BMX (bicycle motocross). I’m typically not one to say I’m really good at things. I’m an average tennis player, an alright blogger, and an okay student; but I was a freakin’ boss on the bike. I was so good I actually got a sponsorship and started traveling the state/country for competitions. […]

So I just finished reading a pretty awesome book, Love does. It’s written by this guy, Bob Goff, who has lived an incredibly interesting life (Don’t worry this blog post is not a book review). The book is broken up in to 31 different chapters, each chapter being a short story about something Bob did […]

Got an email yesterday from a PDITF reader (let’s call them Reader X) looking for ways to rid themselves of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. The email was much longer than the excerpt below, but I think you’ll get the gist… First of all, let me say that I adore you and your approach to […]