Red hates happiness

by Ninja on February 1, 2011 · 46 comments

I have some very disturbing news to share with you all. I just found out my home girl Red, who blogs at Girl With the Red Balloon, hates happiness. She probably also hates puppies, rainbows, and babies, but I’m yet to confirm that. I came to this conclusion after reading this sentence in a recent […]

If you read other PF blogs, which I hope you do, I’m sure you’ve seen various bloggers participate in no spend challenges. These challenges come in all shapes and sizes, but the general premise is pretty simple; Don’t spend you’re money on frivolous things. No Starbucks. No dining out. No clothes, movies, or gadgets. At […]

Lovin’ 2010

by Ninja on December 16, 2010 · 33 comments

Seeing that 2011 is rapidly approaching, it’s time to see how the last 12 months treated the Ninja household. If you’re too lazy to read through, I’ll just tell you. Spoiler Alert: It kicked major butt!!!! Here were my original goals… I love looking at that thing. It’s funny how much can change in one […]

This guest post is from The Digerati Life, a personal finance site. You should check it out, ’cause it’s one of the most read personal finance sites on the interwebz. In the 1960’s, an experiment involving a marshmallow and a child was conducted. In this experiment, a child was led to an experiment room, where […]

There’s always something

by Ninja on October 24, 2010 · 45 comments

Random Note: I not really a big fan of calling Wife Ninja, Wife Ninja. I much preferred Girl Ninja (GN), and since this is my blog, and she is a girl, I’ve decided to reincarnate her title as Girl Ninja. I was talking with Girl Ninja’s uncle the other day about normal guy things (sports, […]

Is the reward system smart?

by Ninja on October 21, 2010 · 55 comments

Wife Ninja and I have had some pretty interesting discussions the last few weeks, specifically in regards to establishing reward systems. And whether or not its a a good idea to implement one in the classroom? The conversation stems from her kindergarten teaching experiences. She has kids in her class that are demons from hell […]

Excusing bad behavior

by Ninja on October 4, 2010 · 35 comments

One of my favorite things about personal finance is hearing all the crazy excuses people use to justify bad decision making. For example my friend pulled the, “My transmission just went out so I HAD to buy a brand new car” Since when did a little car work, justify the need for a new car […]