You all know I was $28,000 in student loan debt when I graduated. I consolidated my loans with Sallie Mae so I could pay them back over the next twenty years. My monthly minimum obligation was $200. After about three payments, I got sick of making them. I was annoyed by the fact that I […]

As you all know, Girl Ninja and I spent the last week gallivanting around San Diego; eating at our favorite restaurants, hiking/running at our favorite spots, and catching up with some of our closest friends. It was an amazing week and a great opportunity for us to charge our batteries before heading in to the […]

**I am pretty sure I’m drunk on DQ Blizzards after an epic buy one get one for $0.99 deal I took advantage of last night. I’m gonna post about this tomorrow (don’t worry it is completely related to PF), but today I got a great guest post for ya today from my girl Jenna at […]

I want to both cringe and laugh uncontrollably when I hear someone tell me how “high” their credit score is. I put the word high in quotes because it is a completely subjective term. Most people start getting pretty proud around the 700 mark, and once they breach 800 it seems they want to shout […]

Too good to overlook.

by Ninja on January 12, 2012 · 8 comments

Yesterday I asked you readers to get a little vulnerable and share what kind of debt you had. Many long time readers finally came out of hiding and decided to contribute to the conversation (special thanks to my creepy lurkers). At last glance there was nearly 150 comments left. Some utterly awesome, some terribly depressing, […]

What kinda debt you got?

by Ninja on January 11, 2012 · 216 comments

My blog’s name is Punch Debt In The Face. I use to talk about punching debt in the face quite a bit, but over the last year and a half or so the frequency of debt related posts has decreased, while my posts about marriage, savings, and unicorns have increased. I’m assuming most of you […]

Over the last seven days I’ve purchased seven round trip plane tickets, and I might be purchasing two more. Alaska Airlines has been running some crazy deals lately and we’ve been snatchin’ em up like a boss. It’s insane. We knew when we moved to Seattle we’d be making trips back to San Diego pretty […]