Let’s face it, college ain’t cheap. I escaped with only $28,000 of debt. Many of my peers faced six figure balances upon graduation. Yikes. I loved my private education, and am extremely happy I was able to go to the college I wanted to, as opposed to the cheapest or closest one. Obviously I try my best to […]


by Ninja on January 21, 2013 · 44 comments

I entered college, fall 2003, a young and ambitious accounting major. I picked accounting because I knew accountants could make a lot of money. Oh, and I was pretty awesome with a TI-83. While I did well in my first macroeconomics course, I quickly realized that “business” related subjects were of no interest to me. My introduction […]

My kids will be dumb.

by Ninja on October 31, 2012 · 27 comments

Girl Ninja isn’t even pregnant (sorry Mom-Ninja-in-law), but I’m pretty sure I already hate our unborn children. Or at least, that’s the way society might see it. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll definitely love the heck out of those little ninjas, but I wont love them enough to jeopardize my and Girl Ninja’s future. In […]

I was creeping on my Facebook page yesterday when someone posted this business insider article about Puff Daddy’s son playing football at UCLA. Here’s the opening paragraph to the article… Less than a year after P. Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, committed to play football at UCLA, some consumers are raising questions over whether the well-heeled freshman should turn […]

I got bumped

by Ninja on May 6, 2012 · 21 comments

So I was in San Diego this weekend for Girl Ninja’s little sister’s college graduation ceremony. Yesterday, on our flight back to Seattle, the Alaska Airlines representative mentioned during check-in they oversold our flight by one seat. I LOVE OVERSOLD FLIGHTS! Without hesitation, I asked if I could be put on the “bump” list in […]

I was really hoping to avoid talking about Occupy Wall Street again. I gave insights in to my stance on the movement last week and didn’t feel as though more needed to be said. That was until yesterday when I read this story on the Huffington Post… While the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to […]

Half way through my Sophomore year of college I saw a job announcement to be a RA (residence assistant) in one of my college’s dorms. My roommate that year was already an RA so I knew quite a bit about the position and how it worked. Although the position was unpaid, RA’s receive free room […]