9 Reasons to Use Facebook Streaming for Business

Facebook’s live video feature has opened a lot of doors for business, with plenty of organizations using it to improve the way they communicate with their market. Here’s why you’ll want to as well:

Gives Readers Insight into Your Brand

People are remarkably more inclined to shop from a store or pay for services when they know something more about the people behind the business. With Facebook’s live video, you can show your audience a side of your team or company they’ve never seen before, says Problogger. By letting them get to know you better, they gain a positive image of your company, a humanized one that makes them more inclined to spend money at your shop or on your services.

Encourage Better Engagement

People are more likely to shop from your shop or store if they’re engaged. live videos make that easy enough to pull off. Unlike emails, chats and voice calls, broadcasts offer your audience the chance to see you. That brings the communication to an entirely different level. Simply by the nature of the medium, your customers are bound to exhibit greater engagement and attentiveness.

Provide a Look Behind the Scenes

Showing customers a look behind the scenes or what happens during a particular process or what your HQ looks like can encourage just the kind of excitement that could boost conversions and sales. By going on live video, you can provide your customers with the kind of information that can make them want to go back for more.

Launch Your Products

You can use the live video feature to launch a new product or service. Cover the event and provide offsite customers and clients with a glimpse into important parts of the launch. This can generate positive buzz that could improve your efforts to market your new products and services.

Reach Out

One of the best uses of live videos is to use it to reach out to customers. Have them ask your staff

questions, send your team comments and generally interact with your customer service crew. However, keep in mind that this could also open your company to a potentially awkward situation. Best to make sure that whoever handles the Q&A portion knows how take questions and criticism well and can answer in a way that puts the company in a positive light. Otherwise, you could end up with a social media nightmare on your hands.

Do a Few Tutorials

If you sell products or services that require a bit of background, you could include product tutorials on your site. Do them via live video and you’re sure to net plenty of attention from your audience. You could also do tutorials involving issues or topics that your customers are interested in. That way, they’ll be more likely to watch those broadcasts, from start to finish.

Provide Information

Live video allows you to provide your audience with information on events that are happening in real-time. Just make sure you use the right equipment to pull this off. Facebook streaming with BlueJeans, for instance, gives you a slew of features that can improve the experience for you and your audience. If you want to deliver the best possible broadcast you want, rendered in quality that won’t put your brand to shame, then finding the right tools can have a major impact on your live streaming experience.

Make a Mark

Over the years, video consumption has grown and it doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. As the trend continues, finding ways to deliver valuable content through video starts to become important. If your company wants to stand out from the rest of the competition, going on live videos and providing your audience with video content is one way to answer the demand. Any company that succeeds in doing so can expect to be front and center of the market. That’s one way for you to wrestle a bigger portion of your target audience off long-time competitors and big-budget companies in the field.

Reach More

Live video has the potential to reach a bigger market around the world. It’s the kind of reach that could put your company and business on the map, says Business2Community. If you want to boost interest and attention for your products and services, what better way to do it than through video, one that’s accessible to people worldwide? If you want to expand your consumer base to include foreign markets, this is a good, solid place to start. The best part of this is that, you get to do this without spending too much of your capital. Facebook offers you a way to get do your marketing broadcasts rendered at incredibly low cost.

Facebook live streaming offers a ton of benefits to businesses. Give it a start to see how it can turn your business completely around.