24 hours!

by Ninja on February 14, 2012 · 43 comments

I’m so excited I might wet myself.

Going to grocery store now to buy adult diapers in case I do 🙂

See you all tomorrow

p.s. We’re not pregnant. At least not that I’m aware of. You better not have gotten pregnant while I’ve been in Korea, Girl Ninja…just saying.

1 Stephanie

YES! I’m excited for you! 😀

2 Mo D.

I will come into work earlier than normal so I can read the good news before I do anything else… sitting on pins and needles in Canada… and it’s starting to hurt!!

3 Ninja

Haha thanks Mo. Can always count on your loyalty!

4 Ryo Vie

…. are you finally going to reveal your secret identity and take us all out to dinner??? Wait, I live on the East Coast, so that wouldn’t do much for me…..

Can’t wait to hear the news!

5 Larry

They sell adult diapers in Korea?

6 Rain264

Yes, I am anxious but clearly not as excited as you for tomorrow and what you have in store for us. Good luck…

7 StackingCash

There goes my guess…



9 Mo D.

Yep, I was wrong too…

10 Fred

Who’s “Korea Girl Ninja?”

11 Ninja

you would.

12 Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog

did YOU Get pregnant, ninja?

13 C The Writer

She is not pregnant, you meant to say.

There’s no WE are pregnant when you’re talking about a couple consisting of one man and one woman. Only the woman would be pregnant.

And that was my guess, but I’m wrong. Haha.

14 Larry

That is correct, but absent the possibility of a female ninja parthenogenesis, he would have helped.

15 C The Writer

Okay, but he still wouldn’t be pregnant.

16 Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

Can’t wait for the big announcement!

17 Diana

I can’t wait either!

I want to throw a few guesses:

1) New Project having to do with this blog
2) Promotion/Job Change in the Private Sector
3) Wow – that’s all I got……….

18 Diana

Oh, maybe adoption? I don’t know what made me think of that but I really want to be right 🙁

19 StackingCash

My next guess lol!

20 Young Professional Finances

I’m going to guess…you somehow are going to make a whole lot of money by signing some kind of contract thing tomorrow.

I can be more vague if necessary. 🙂

21 Christopher

Im going with young professionals, you have a big deal cooking…

How bout you let those who stay up late in on the secret early 🙂

22 American Debt Project

REALITY TV SHOW PILOT!!! Yay, can’t wait. Make sure you include a scene of me at some point with the caption “long-time blogging associate”. Thanks! 🙂

23 Stephanie

I know what it is and I’m super psyched 🙂

24 Claire

Well now that baby ninjas are ruled out, I’m placing my bet on going to buy a house now, or decided to invest some of the savings in an epic vacation….

25 Savvy Scot

You are moving Girl Ninja to Korea!

26 magda

That’s my guess too

27 Lutus

Ok…… let’s have it.

28 East Coaster

I’m guessing new business venture (on the side of the normal gov job)

29 Derek

I think you’re right. He spoke of a small investment made a while ago. Coming to fruition?

30 sandrac

Waiting waiting waiting….

31 Mo D.

These pins and needles are wreaking havoc on my butt!! Details, please!!!

32 Stan

Keeping us waiting here, excited to see what it is. Please hurry though, I have to work later today.

33 Fred

I think The Big announcement is no more posts from Ninja.

It looks like I am right.

34 Ana

Did you buy your house?? Can’t wait to hear the news xoxo 😉

35 Vanessa

Maybe he’s waiting until its later on the west coast so that we all find out together?

36 Ana

Or perhaps you quit your job and you’re gonna travel the world 🙂

37 Vanessa

Ooooh that would be exciting! I don’t think that Ninja is impulsive enough to do that… It’d be quite expensive as well

38 Ana

hehehe I think so too 🙂

39 This_is_a_fake_name :)

My guess:

1. Sold the blog
2. Out of debt
3. Buying a new iPad
4. Learned to do the Dougie

40 Matt

waiting waiting waiting for the announcement

41 Deena Dollars

Yeah, c’mon Ninja, WHERE IS IT?

42 Vanessa

Ninja’s been out of debt for years…

43 StackingCash

Too much hype now…this better be better than Jeremy Lin’s winning shot last night…

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