The Growth of Gaming in the UK

The gaming industry is quickly growing in the United Kingdom. In 2016 alone there was an increase in consumer game spending of 11.1 percent. This growth included both video games and casino gaming sites. The sudden spike in interest raising some questions about why this happens to be the case.

More Mobile Access

One reason for this change can be attributed to the increased availability of video graphic games on mobile devices. In recent years there has been a significant drop in the popularity of gaming consoles. But there was an increase in a number of games that were purchased to be used on mobile devices or online by means of gaming applications. People already have actual devices that they need to play the games, so they simply seek out the games they desire, install it or play them directly. The market rises to the demand.

More Online Casinos

Another reason for the spike in gaming popularity is that there are more casino sites available online than ever before. As the interest in online gambling is increasing, so too are the various options of game types offered mostly by bookies, including poker, slots, mind games, card games and even sports betting at places like This in turn, again increases the interest in online gambling. Most of the games are easy to access from a personal computer and gadgets that is certain to give plenty of fun anytime, anywhere. This makes it an obvious choice for many gamers.

In the past, there used to be a higher stigma related to gambling. But now it seems as though some of those opinions have become a bit more relaxed. Some of the shifting perceptions around it might have to increased exposure. Things tend to have less of a taboo associated with them when they become visible and normalized. Another reason might be attributed to the fact that gaming companies are doing more advertising than ever.

More Public Support

In fact, the U.K. has even seen the launch of organizations whose main purpose is seeking and securing funding for startup gaming companies. The easier it is for the gaming companies to get the money that they need to launch and grow a business, the easier it is for them to continuously offer new and exciting content. Some of this support is due to the fact that the gaming industry has opened up a whole new job market in the U.K.

Some of this support is due to the fact that the gaming industry has opened up a whole new job market in the U.K. Supporters are confident that the industry’s growth will continue in an upwards direction for some time to come. This will continue offering new jobs for people with interest in the gaming industry. Some of whom will even be moving into the country to take them. This will also help make a significant amount of money to put back into the economy.

With the introduction of online gaming, people no longer have to go to physical locations to play games of any kind. This increases the comfort levels around in a variety of ways. As long as online gaming remains convenient and fun for people in the U.K., the industry will continue expanding in a variety of ways.

The Most Luxurious Aspects of a Cruise Holiday

You’ve seen it everywhere. The perfect imagery of a state of the art cruise gliding across a clear ocean as the sun sets overhead. It’s the picture of perfection, the pinnacle of travel captured in a scene that can only be described as breath-taking.

Cruises are certainly a great way to holiday, offering fun and relaxation for the whole family. However, when taking things up a notch offers can get seriously swanky. From private jets to port calls in fabulous cities, the cruise experience offers adventure all from within the enjoyable confines of luxury. Below are three reasons you should splash out on the cruise.

Instant Extravagance

You don’t even need to wait until stepping aboard to begin enjoying your time. The journey begins much sooner, with first class travel becoming more accessible than ever you can fly to your favourite harbours. Whether you prefer the Atlantic or Indian seas, nowhere is out of reach. Fly over what you will soon sail and look down on the waters you’ll roam!

After all, you needn’t await a cramped taxi, a packed bus or a turbulence prone plane full of screaming children to reach your dock. Fly Victor Limited break down the process of private plane hire, making the luxurious prospects less a distant dream and more a tangible reality. Ultimately, embarking on a stylish holiday demands you arrive in elegance.

‘The Dream Boat’

Yes, it’s not just a figurative expression and these vessels of glory really exist. Lately, some ships are tailor-made, spoiling people silly as they reap precisely what they demand. From sorting pre-cruise hotels to spa treatments, these types of deals inject the feeling of living several holidays at once.

You can even snag some butler service in your VIP cabin, making requests to your minions as you brood over the Atlantic. There will no doubt be champagne in every corner of the place and hot tubs and pools to drink it in. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be too surprised if your vessel can take on an ice berg.

Another Day, Another Place

Alongside all the top of the line innovations the cruise industry is undertaking, one simple luxury remains; waking up somewhere you weren’t yesterday or even the days before that. In just one sleep, you will be potentially looking at a new place, new scenery or even a new country!

Of course, many voyages anchor at a variety of different ports and disembark their passengers to explore. It’s undeniably a huge luxurious appeal for the cruise holiday, travelling far and wide at no effort of the traveller themselves. With every turn of the sun comes a new language and culture, something that only a cruise would have the luxury of proposing.

The Best iPhone deals for September


With the recent announcement of the groundbreaking iPhone X and its astronomical upfront cost of £1,000, here we run through some of the best iPhone deals on the market right now and how to best navigate the costly, crazy world of mobile deals.

iPhone Deals

It has been a hectic few weeks for Apple. The Californian tech mammoth has announced not one, but two iPhones to the public with a flurry of new features, such as the quirky — if not unnecessary — animated emoji poop (or “animoji”). But with this whirl of attention and with lines of diehards (as always) set to brace the Apple store for the new iPhone launch, there are numerous deals to be had for those seeking older models in both the iPhone 6 and 7 variations.

There are as yet no deals on the upcoming iPhone 8 aside from pre-ordering the device (between £699 – £949) directly from Apple.

iPhone 7 Deals

Whether you are needing unlimited data a free device deal, there are many options for the iPhone 7. However, although the 8 is set to come out, deals have not yet cheapened for the 7 in anticipation. So what are the best deals this month?

EE are offering a 32GB iPhone 7 (in black) for free with their contract. The deal includes unlimited texts, minutes and 5GB of data at a cost of £32.99/month for 24 months. EE have some of the best UK 4G coverage and the deal comes with some perks: 3 months of BT sport and 6 months of Apple Music.

02 have a similar deal, limited to 3GB of data with an upfront cost of £110 for the device. The contract is 24 months and priced at just £27/month. If you act quickly, you can get £10 off at with the coupon code 10OFF.

Vodafone have you covered if you need big data. At £44/month for 24 months, you can get 16GB of UK data, unlimited texts and minutes with the device for free. This is for a 32GB black iPhone 7.

3 have a deal for a whopping 30GB of data, free phone, unlimited texts and minutes, all for £37/month for 24 months. The iPhone comes at 32GB in black and is free with this deal. Further yet, you are guaranteed £10 cashback with this deal.

iPhone 6 Deals

Real savings can be found with the iPhone 6 and 6s. With deals at under £20 per month and a decent amount of monthly data, these deals are best for those trying to constrain their wallet. Although the device is now three years old, it runs on the (still) impressive A8 cheap which hasn’t aged badly at all.

EE have a deal for a 32GB iPhone 6s (in all colours) with 2GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts, all for £22.99/month for 24 months. The deal requires an upfront cost of £75. If you up your data to 5GB, you can get a similar deal for £27.99/month with an upfront cost of only £45.

3 have a more generous data deal on the market for their 32GB iPhone 6s in all colour variations. For £31/month for 24 months and with an upfront cost of £19, you can get a massive 30GB of data with unlimited texts and minutes.

EE also have a competitive 32GB iPhone 6 deal with a basic 1GB data package and unlimited texts and minutes, all at just £17.99/month for 24 months. The iPhone 6 is all round lighted (but more fragile) than the 6s, but still the differences in speed and power are slight.

All You Need to Know about the History and Regulation of Gambling in the US

The world of gambling in the USA has a long and exciting history, and it’s interesting to know a little bit about it if you’re planning to have some good old-fashioned fun with games of chance and skill yourself. Even before the Europeans came to settle in the American lands, the natives had a culture of betting on physical competitions, and with new games introduced by the settlers, gambling became an integral part of American culture.

From the American Civil War to miners in the Gold Rush, it has long been a favorite pastime. What made it all tricky business, however, was the gambling prohibition in the early 20th century. Gambling had to go underground. Here’s all you need to know about the history and regulation of gambling in the states.


Because gambling went underground due to the gaming prohibition, it quickly fell under the control of the mafia, whereby it received a bad reputation. Las Vegas quickly became the center and inspired many stories in the form of film and literature. Las Vegas is still – and will probably remain – the gambling center, even though the activity has been legalized and regulated in other states.

Types of casinos

Since each state in the US is able to form its own gambling rules and regulations, casinos vary greatly from state to state. Even within the same state there can be many differences as each casino can specialize in certain games. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Commercial casinos – run by private enterprises
  • Non-commercial casinos – run by government agencies and charity organizations
  • Tribal casinos – run by native Americans on tribal lands

States where gambling is legal

Complete, state-wide legalization of gambling is still only implemented in two states: Nevada and Louisiana. In other states, commercial gambling is restricted to small, specific areas. When it comes to non-commercial casinos, only six states have not yet passed any legalization.

Online gambling

A lot of regulations and legal issues have arisen regarding online gambling and betting because of the unclear definition of betting and gambling and local laws. If you are in doubt, check your local laws, as they are applicable.

The world of gambling – in the United States as well as globally – is sure to transform itself more and more as we continue to move into this wonderful age of technology and innovation; and this is great news for the gamer, and multiple platforms will increasingly compete and offer players more variety, greater payouts, and increasingly attractive bonuses. For those who enjoy wagering a little money on chance or skill, it’s an exciting time indeed.